[Guide] New World combat guide for beginners

Source: Amazon Game Studios

New World is a brand new RPG from Amazon Game Studios. The new game is combat-heavy, so learning how the combat works will be one of the first tasks a new player needs to tackle. Here is everything you need to know about the combat system to get started exploring New World.


Basic combat overview for New World

All of the basics are covered in the New World tutorial, and they are pretty standard for action-oriented games.


For melee weapons, you can block with your right-click and you can attack with your left-click. You can carry out a quick melee attack by tapping the left mouse, or your can carry out a heavy attack by holding the left-flick. Heavy attacks can break an enemy's block.  You also dodge while in combat.


For ranges weapons, you can zoom in with your right-click to aim, and fire with your left-click.


You can unlock abilities for each weapon that activate standard cooldowns, in similar fashion to other MMORPGs like WoW or Final Fantasy XIV. You will unlock new abilities through skill trees as you continue to level up, but you will only ever be able to use three of your weapon-specific abilities at a time.


Like with other RPGs, threat is a key component to the combat in this game. Threat is the score that determines which player an NPC will attack and under what conditions. While there is no dedicated tank class, those who play with swords and shields will likely want to take on most of the agro from enemies. You can use the gem sockets in your weapon to equip the Carnelian Gem, which allows you to taunt enemies to generate extra threat.


You can use potions and eat food to restore health during fights. You can also equip light, medium, and heavy forms of armor that provide protection from damage and various bonuses at higher levels. As you might expect, better armor becomes available as your level up.


All the weapon types in New World

There are four categories of weapons in New World:

  • One-handed weapons
  • Two-handed weapons
  • Ranged weapons
  • Magical weapons


One-handed weapons include swords, rapiers, and hatchets. You can use a shield in conjunction with swords if you wish. Two-handed weapons include spears, great axes, and war hammers. Ranged weapons are bows and Muskets, and then magical weapons are fire staffs, life staffs, and ice gauntlets.


Each weapon in the game comes in various versions, with different levels of rarity. As you level up you will find more rare drops of weapons, and be able to equip higher levels of weapons as well.


Types of damage and attack efficiency in New World

Each type of weapon is capable of dealing certain types of damage. There are four major types of damage in the game currently:


  • Slash
  • Thrust
  • Strike
  • Elemental


Some weapons can deal multiple types of damage, for example, a sword can deal Slash and Thurst damage, depending on the abilities and attack you use with it. Other weapons, like Warhammers, can only deal a single kind of damage. So it will just depend on the specific weapon you are using. You can have two weapons equipped at any given time so you can quickly switch between the types of damage.


Different enemies will be vulnerable to different types of damage, so you can maximize your combat efficiency by selecting the right weapon for the job. If your attack shows up yellow, that means your attack is hitting at full potential. If your attack shows up blue, that means your attack is weak against the enemy. White is a neutral attack, and finally orange is a critical strike.


Those are the basics of combat in New World. There is, of course, a lot more to it, with character builds, weapon combinations, and team compositions to consider, but if you are just looking to jump straight into the world and start fighting, this should get you off to a strong start.

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