Esports and the Metaverse

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Recently the concept of the creation of the upcoming metaverse has been a hot topic. It seems like the metaverse idea is spreading like wildfire, and sparking imaginations around the world as to what it has the potential to be. The impact of something so far-reaching and integrated into our lives is not something we can easily imagine, just like someone from the 1950s would struggle with the concept of our modern internet. But it’s fun to try.


The esports industry is one that some feel has had its boom, while those with a bit more optimism hold the belief that the boom hasn’t happened yet. While platforms like Twitch seem like they have just debuted, there is no doubt that with the migration to the metaverse, esports is getting ready to really hit its stride.


What Is The Metaverse?

The metaverse is the recent concept of a nearly universally standardized virtual landscape, with the ability to experience what we now know as apps, as fully virtual digital experiences. The metaverse will eventually integrate everything that is part of your digital life. You will be able to experience your social media, entertainment, business, and commerce, as entirely digital visual experiences. Thanks to metaverse development companies you will be able to experience your social media, entertainment, business, and commerce, as entirely digital visual experiences.


How Will Esports Be Affected

It is undeniable that the esports industry has been growing, they have been growing geometrically year over year, and they are beginning to have a serious impact on the internet and technology as a whole, so they will actually become one of the driving forces behind the metaverse, along with business, commerce, the entertainment industry, and more. 


Esports has already redefined the entire gaming landscape by not just spawning the idea of gamifying things to drive participation and engagement, but by smashing previous barriers to being considered an athlete. No longer do you need to be the fastest or the strongest, now you don’t even need to be able to walk, you can still compete and be counted among the best. 


This mentality of accessibility, participation, and engagement will be one of the underlying themes of the metaverse and how esports will be a huge participant. It is solely because of gaming that platforms such as Twitch and Discord have become household names and are known across the entertainment world. Since esports are often delineated by a very tribal sense of community or clanship, it only makes sense that the micro-communities created by the gaming industry continue to thrive in the digital metaverse.


There will be a seamless blending of gaming into social networks and more, so while these small communities are still holding together, they become parts of an inherently larger and far more complex organism. This creates even more opportunities for gamification, which starts the cycle anew and drives more and more adoption.


Will Other Industries See Any Impact?

This inevitable metaverse digital boom will reach far and wide and will involve countless other industries. Industries that are already seeing an upward trend in both revenue and growth are marketing companies and firms that specialize in monetized ads like Since esports and streaming are bracing for their boom, thanks to the recent 5G rollout and the push for more video consumption. 


There will also be an enormous impact on companies that design and sell peripheral equipment that is needed for not only esports competitions, like competition mice, keyboards, headsets, chairs, graphics processors, and more, but also components and peripherals needed for everyday business life, and for casual internet usage. These will all see huge increases in demand once the metaverse begins to operate on a large scale.

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