Simple Tips to Develop your Own Game

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It is not a small task at all to build one’s own game, the widespread of independent development has made it a piece of cake these days. There are a number of software and engines that can help in the process.  The creation of a game greatly depends on the nature of the idea the individual possesses as idea generation is the foundational step in this process. If a person has a great idea he should start grinding by following a series of steps and tactics that will help him in the creation of the game. Read below to know about basic steps and techniques to develop your own game:


Picking Up a Genre

There is always a unique genre in which the nature of the game falls. The person will have to decide and choose the accurate genre in the first place. For example arcade games, shooters, puzzles, etc.

Picking Up a Platform

The basic dictation regarding the development of the game is determined by the platform. For example, a mobile game will be touch and tilt-based, console games would be using a controller and a PC game can utilize a keyboard and mouse, controllers, and other special input devices.


Writing your Ideas Down

Preliminary Design

 A one-pager should be written about the core idea of the game development process. This is a very important step to keep in mind.

We recommend using Notion, Google Docs, or even notepad when you work on your design, timeline, and important documents. 


Core Philosophy

 The basic philosophy depicts the heart of the game. For example, if it is a game that simulates space station economy or the one that lets you play in a living car. This should be determined and written down and worked into the base design of the game. 


Designing the Structure of the Game

 After the selection of the art-based asset, the individual will have to start working on the basic structure. These include the development of the playing areas and the levels etc.


Deciding the Engine

The underlying base of the game consisting of the host development tools for the creation of the game is termed the engine. A variety of engines are already available in the market for indie developers. You can also work on your game development cost estimation.

Some of the best game engines available for game developers are Unreal Engine, Unity, and GameMaker.


Recording the Audio Assets

This is a very essential part of the game creation process. It includes the usage of the music and the sound effects in the game. This will have to be chosen in accordance with one’s game design.

Some other excellent tricks for the game development process:


  •       Usage of the volumetric lights by using the tools like Aura
  •       Using fog for the creation of a realistic environment
  •       Setting up the depth of the field to simulate the focus and blur effect
  •       Using bloom for the creation of magical dream-like scenes
  •       Using the multi-directional lights
  •       Using sprites in place of the 3D models for improving FPS count


Hopefully, these tips will help you when you start the process of developing your own game! 


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