Every weapon skin in the 2021 Mirage Collection in CS:GO

Source: Valve

Operation Riptide launched in CS:GO this week and brought with it three new exclusive collections of weapons for players to acquire:  the Mirage collection, the Dust 2 collection, and the Vertigo collection. For those who want to look at the pretty colors and see the new skins, here is every skin in the Counter-Strike 2021 Mirage Collection!


All the gun skins in the 2021 Mirage Collection

AWP | Desert Hydra by 2minds

Desert Eagle | Fennec Fox by 2minds

MP5-SD | Oxide Oasis

AUG | Sand Storm by Chemical Alia

Glock-18 | Pink DDPAT

XM1014 | Elegant Vines

SG 553 | Desert Blossom

M249 | Humidor

MP9 | Music Box

USP-S | Purple DDPAT

P90 | Verdant Growth

CA75-Auto | Midnight Palm

FAMAS | CaliCamo

Dual Barettas | Drift Wood by Chemical Alia

SSG 08 | Prey

MAC-10 | Sienna Damask

MAG-7 | Navy Sheen

PP-Bizon | Anolis

P250 | Drought


*All images via Valve.

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