Adin Ross allegedly refuses to pay builders from his Minecraft server

Source: Salad Plays MC

Update 09/21/2021:  Following the backlash, Adin Ross and his team fully compensated the builders.


Original Article: A Minecraft builder who goes by the name Salad Plays MC on Twitter and Tiktok released a Tweet on Monday, accusing Twitch streamer Adin Ross of hiring him to build maps for a Minecraft server and then refusing to pay him for the work once it was complete.


"I was hired to build all the maps for the @adinross Minecraft server which is now closed," Salad Plays MC said in his Tweet. "Over 100 combined hours went into making the maps and I (and others) have NOT BEEN PAID for the work. I made 11 maps in total. I thought I should let the community know."



In a follow-up Tweet, Salad Plays MC clarified that he was hired by Rewack and Adin to do the work, and confirmed specifications and prices ahead of time. He also confirmed that he only tweeted the issue publicly after he was "able to confirm that he was not going to pay us, which was [earlier on Monday]."



In response to Adin Ross fans claiming that the streamer probably just forgot and will pay him, Salad Plays MC emphasized even further, "I would not resort to posting about this unless it was confirmed from Adin himself that I was not getting paid. You do not know a lot about what happened behind the scenes. Just know, Adin is very much aware."


Salad Plays MC also hinted at further details in other replies, and said he may release a video detailing everything, but for now, his accusation of worker exploitation has been stated against Ross, who has yet to respond publicly as of writing this article.

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