Keydae apologizes for Crashies insult, takes streaming break citing death threats

Source: Keydae (Instagram)

100 Thieves content creator Kyedae apologized on Saturday evening for the rude remarks that she made about Team Envy's Crashies during her co-stream of the VCT Berlin Major on Friday. As part of her apology, Keydae confirmed that she will be taking a short break from streaming, citing the emotional toll of the death threats she received in response to her rude comment about Crashies.


During her broadcast of the Sentinels vs. Envy game on Friday she insulted Crashies body type, calling him a "scrawny f&*k", when Envy was beating Sentinels who feature Keydae's boyfriend TenZ as their star player. Team Envy's generally quiet star player Yay called her out on Twitter for the insult, in a rare public comment. Following Yay's polite response, multiple fans reportedly messaged Keydae with death threats.



Keydae releases apology for calling Crashies "scrawny"

"I would like to start off by apologizing to Crashies for the rude remarks towards his appearance by calling him “scrawny”," Kyedae said in her apology. "The way I went about calling him that is inexcusable. I’m sorry to not only Crashies but to anyone else that I hurt with the insensitive remark towards body image."



She also specifically retracted her initial minimization of the comment on stream, saying, "calling myself scrawny isn’t comparable and does not excuse me saying it about another person. Food allergy or not, calling someone scrawny is hurtful regardless of what context is given. You never really know what other people are going through and I'm so sorry for unknowingly adding on to something that was already difficult. I'd never want to be the source of hurting others and I'm going to be more thoughtful of this."


Keydae has confirmed that she messaged Crashies privately to apologize for the comment, and promised that she will do better at drawing the line between banter and harmful in the future.


In response to her contrite apology, founder and co-owner of 100 Thieves Nadeshot sent a supportive message, telling her "don't sweat it kid." 



Yay condemns Keydae's insult of Crashies, prompting the apology

Keydae's apology comes in response to backlash from a number of people online, including most notably Team Envy player Yay, who objected in a now-deleted Tweet.


He explained in that Tweet that it was not okay for Keydae to make a personal insult that had nothing to do with the game against a player in front of a stream audience of 50,000 people. He also revealed that Crashies has a severe food allergy, making the comment about his size even more inexcusable to him. 


In response to Yay's calling out of Kyedae, Kyedae's boyfriend TenZ defended her by saying an alleged incident that took place where  Envy player Marved allegedly hit on Keydae in the past was worse. This comment was dismissed by many who argued that two wrongs don't make a right and called the comment a red herring from the current topic about whether insulting someone's body image is fair territory for comment.

Keydae taking a break from streaming following death threats

While Keydae admitted she acted inappropriately and received some justifiable backlash, she also reportedly received death threats after her playground insult toward Crashies. These death threats, and other factors, prompted Keydae to announce that she will be taking a break from streaming.


"I mentioned that I was thinking about taking a break from streaming," Keydae explained. "This was a pretty emotional response to the death threats I was receiving today and was not me trying to run away from taking responsibility for what I said. Outside of this incident, I’ve been contemplating whether or not I should continue streaming with my full time student workload. No decisions have been made. Just taking it one day at a time. After tomorrow, I will be taking some time to continue reflecting on this, and spend time with Tyson."

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