Top five secondary weapons in Warzone Season 5

Source: Activision Blizzard

Those who aren't running the Overkill perk in Warzone are going to have a secondary weapon in their loadout drop. Secondary weapons range from handguns to launchers, to melee weapons, and while they won't be your first choice in a fight, they can save your life in a pinch. So its important that you run the best option to give yourself the biggest advantage possible.


We put together a list of the top five secondary weapons to run in Warzone Season 5!


1. Diamatti

The Diamatti is a handgun that came to Warzone during Cold War. This machine pistol features a three-round burst mode and has one of the fastest times to kill in the handgun category. This guns dominance has seen it rocket to the top of the handgun meta, with over 25% of players running this gun in one form or another. While you may think it is best to run the Diamatti akimbo, the most popular loadouts for this gun run it solo with a fast mag, suppressor, and 7.2" task force barrel.


2. Sykov

The Sykov is a fully automatic pistol that was released to great acclaim in April of 2021. Like the Diamatti, this gun used to be popular in its akimbo form but is now much more commonly run solo.  This weapon fires at a very fast rate of fire when you equip the Sorokin 140mm auto attachment and can hold up to 80 rounds in a drum magazine which is frankly ridiculous for a pistol. This is a great automatic alternative to the Diamatti.


3. M1911

It's hard to go wrong with the M1911. This gun isn't full auto or burst, settling with a simple, traditional semi-automatic mode. But it can still pack and punch. This is a great sniper support pistol, for when you need to get one or two bullets on a target to finish them. The most popular loadout for this gun features the Lightweight Trigger and 15 Round magazine. This could be described as the best traditional pistol in the game.


4. RPG-7

Mixing it up, you don't have to run only pistols are in your secondary slot. You can also run launchers! The RPG-7 is the most popular launcher in the game, as it balances reload time with decent damage. This is a great weapon to have for taking out vehicles or just blasting a camper looking out a window. If you are looking to explode your enemies, look no further than the RPG-7.


5. Renetti

The Renetti is commonly run in its Akimbo form with laser sights or the Mk3 Burst mod. In either case, this gun has proven its ability to shred in short-range. If you are looking for a gun that is fun and effective in short-range encounters, the Renetti remains a fun alternative to the Sykov or the Diamatti.



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