Riot reveals TFT Set 6 details, new Hextech Augments mechanic, partner Lab mode

Riot Games revealed new details about Teamfight Tactics's Set 6 on Wednesday, including the release window for the set and a brand new game mechanic dropping with the new set. According to the new information, TFT Set 6 is due sometime in early November and will bring with it new champions, new settings, and a brand new mechanic called Hextech Augments to the game.



"[the new set] will take place in a city full of strange new contraptions and their brilliant inventors," explained Ryan Mort, game director for TFT.  "You will find scientists and scholars, cops and robots, intricate machines and brutish monsters, mischief-making yordles and so much more."


According to Riot, the brand new Hextech Augments will be offered to players during matches. These augments can provide powerful gameplay bonuses for your team.  The enhancements will range from direct enhancements to your champions stats under certain conditions, to more indirect effects that can be taken advantage of with the right strategy.


From the sound of it, there will be a wide variety of Hex Augments available in the game, and they could shake up the way TFT is played in significant ways.


Set 6 is also going to feature a new Lab mode, following the success of Hyper Roll which will also be sticking around for the upcoming set. The new mode will feature four teams of two squaring off, with each team of two sharing a health bar but controlling their own board.



The mode, which is currently unnamed, will drop with the new set in November and will stick around for a few patches. After it leaves the game, it will eventually be brought back after adjustments are made based on this initial test. 


The next set is bringing new Chibi Champion avatars. Players will be able to buy them from the store instead of hatching them through eggs like LIttle Legends.



Finally, Riot Games announced a brand new currency is coming to TFT called TFT coins. These coins will be pushed to TFT mobile later this year, and then will launch on PC in 2022, replacing RP.

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