Splitgate developer raises $100M USD after game's popularity explodes

Source: 1047 Games

The independent gaming studio behind Splitgate, 1047 Games, announced on Tuesday that they have raised $100 million USD in investment capital to continue the development of the game. 



"l've read a lot of tweets from the community. . . and I am happy to confirm that we are NOT selling our company to one of the big guys," explained CEO and founder of 1047 Games Ian "CardinalSoldier" Proulx. "Instead, I am thrilled to announce that we have solidified our future as an independent, community-first game studio. We have just closed a significant funding round of 100 million!"


According to Proulx, this means they will be hiring a lot more developers in the near future to implement more updates, fix bugs faster, and focus on the growth of the player base.


"Everything is now on the table, and the scope of what we can achieve just got 10x bigger!" he said triumphantly.


The announcement comes after Splitgate's wildly successful beta rocketed the game to critical acclaim and widespread popularity across both consoles and PC. In August, the game peaked at 67,000 concurrent players on Steam alone during its Beta, up from only 954 peak players during June of 2021 when the game was still in early access. The game passed 600,000 total downloads in July, and has only continued to grow since then.


While the game remains in beta, for now, the announcement of the official 1.0 launch is expected soon.


Splitgate is a free-to-play arena shooter that combines Halo-like weapons and game modes with the portals from Valve's iconic puzzle game Portal. The game has captured the interest of casual and competitive players alike, featuring both party modes and highly competitive modes like its signature Takedown mode. The game started as a student project and has now become one of the most successful independent games around.

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