Numerous nerfs coming in League of Legends: Wild Rift patch 2.4c

▲ "It's high noon." (Wrong game). Images via Riot Games


League of Legends: Wild Rift is hitting the old west in an upcoming patch scheduled to go live on August 23.

Announced on Tuesday evening, patch 2.4c is introducing two of the more popular League of Legends skin to the mobile game and making a few balance changes to help level the playing field.

The dastardly duo of Lucian and Senna are getting their High Noon skins shortly after the patch goes live so players will be able to dust off their cowboys hats, saddle up, and cause some damage. A set of themed emotes featuring the two are coming as well.

Five champions are also seeing balance changes in patch 2.4c with the game's development team providing a bit of context as to their decision-making process.

Balance changes


Base Health: 570 HP to 610 HP

(3) Relentless Pursuit
Cooldown: 23/20/17/14 seconds to 22/19/16/13 seconds

Comments: After being nerfed and then his core items taking a hit too, Lucian’s ended up too weak. We’re giving him back a little power in his health and dash to put him in a more stable state.



(1) Powerball
Damage: 105/150/195/240 to 110/140/170/200

(2) Defensive Ball Curl
Passive damage Armor ratio: 10% to 8%
Active damage Armor ratio: 15% to 12%
Monster damage bonus: 150% to 175%

Comments: Rammus is over-performing after our last set of changes which were aimed at improving his early jungle clear without making him over-bearing. Keeping within the same direction, we are giving him a tune down on his PvP damage scaling (he's a tank, after all) but also amping up his bonus damage to monsters to keep his clear relatively equal in power.


Base Armor: 45 to 40
Attack Damage: 70 to 64

Comments: Rengar’s early game is too strong at the moment. Tweaking down his early game so he can’t snowball as easily as before.



(1) Hymn of Valor
Active damage: 40/80/120/180 to 40/75/110/145
Active Ability Power ratio: 50% to 40%
Ally aura bonus damage Ability Power ratio: 30% to 20%

Comments: Sona’s been hitting all the high notes in recent times, but rather than impact supportive capabilities, we think trimming down her damage dealing would fit her utility identity a bit more. We’re also increasing her ultimate’s cooldown slightly to give opponents some more breathing room when dealing with her game-changing ultimate.



Health regeneration: 7.5 to 6
Health per level: 115 HP to 105 HP
Health at level 15: 2180 HP to 2040 HP
Armor: 35 to 30
Armor per level: 4.3 to 3.9
Armor at level 15: 96 to 85

Comments: Teemo is overperforming across the board. He’s getting some hefty general nerfs to his defenses to make him even more squishable.


Zeke's Convergence

Total cost: 2800 gold to 2700 gold (Combine cost: 900 gold to 800 gold)
Frostfire Covenant slow: 40% to 50%
Frostfire Covenany magic damage per second: 40 to 60

Comments: We are seeing enchanters as a whole eclipsing most tank supports in performance as well as Zeke’s being a common buy but showing a relatively poor win rate for the tank support class. Zeke’s is getting some moderate buffs to see if we can get the meta into a healthier space for the support class as a whole.

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