What does the Golden Cube in Fortnite Do?

Source: Epic Games

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 is here, and as part of the new season story numerous giant cubes have begun to appear, scattered around the map after the mothership event that ended Season 7. One of the cubes is the giant gold cube, and many are speculating that this cube is the leader of the gaggle of cubes colonizing Fortnite's island. That's right, they call a group of cubes a gaggle, it's canon.



The Golden Cube, which as of writing this article is located just east of Holly Hedges, doesn't appear to do much of anything right now. At the moment, the only thing that happens when you interact with one of these cubes is that it will bounce you off of it when you run into it. Beyond that, they are relatively benign.


That said, we can expect the harmless nature of these cubes to change as the season continues and more cubes appear. At the very least, many have already surmised that the other cubes around the map will follow the golden one in some way and eventually all unite in violent revolve against the humans, fish, and Disney properties that popular the Fortnite world


We got a hint at the threat that these massive cubes could bring later in Season 8 in the Season 8 story trailer. Agent Ramirez is seen accidentally activating a cube by getting too close. The cube then lit up with pulsating runes, while Ramirez open fired to no avail. Eventually, the cube rolled over onto Ramirez, apparently killing her (RIP Ramirez) and summoning a horde of alien foes against her companions.



Based on the story trailer, we can expect a lot more cubes, and at some point, there will likely be an event where they all activate together, maybe for Halloween? For now, you can go mess around on the golden cube as it slowly migrates around the map.

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