Quest's Musings Vol. 10: Chovy will redefine what "mid gap" means

All 22 teams that will be at Worlds have been decided. Hanwha Life Esports, T1, Gen.G, and DWG KIA will be representing the LCK; as the 4th seed, Hanwha Life Esports starting in the play-in stages, rather than the group stages like the rest of the LCK teams.


It’s pretty damn obvious that HLE didn’t perform very well throughout the year. However, not only are they still LCK’s #4 seed, they’ve shown massive improvement from their regular split form. With most of the play-in stages teams being minor region teams, I thought to myself, “How hard will Chovy mid gap the other mid laners?


On this week’s Quest’s Musings, I’ll be explaining why Chovy will be the main reason behind the hype in the play-in stages.

There’s no doubt that the most important lane in LoL is the mid lane. It’s the lane with the most versatility, and is the lane that has the most influence in the game. It’s safe to say that mid laners are the players that create the most variance in the game, because mid lane priority heavily influences the movement of the other 4 players. Every top team in their region has a strong mid laner in their roster; the other three LCK mid laners at Worlds, ShowMaker, Bdd and Faker, have all proven themselves with their career achievements.


Chovy’s a little different. He’s the main reason behind most of HLE’s match wins throughout this year, and is also why HLE’s going to Worlds this year as well. His mechanics and split-second decision making is obviously on the highest level, but his main strength comes from his ability to CS and his superb fundamentals in the laning phase. Matchups don’t really mean much to him, as he’s able to hit his power spikes much faster than other mid laners. It almost feels as if he has a secret factory that produces CS for him. The incredibly vast champion pool he has allows his team to have a huge edge in draft, as it allows HLE to take favorable matchups with flex picks.


Familiar mid laners from the minor regions, such as ‘Nomanz’ of Unicorns of Love, ‘Aria’ from DetonatioN FocusMe and ‘cody’ from Infinity Esports will also be playing in the play-in stages. They’re all very respected mid laners in their respective regions, and while I do believe that upset victories can definitely happen, HLE has a huge immovable wall called Chovy. Whether you’re a diehard HLE fan, a casual LCK fan, and/or an avid follower of the ‘Church of Chovy’, I guarantee that Chovy will redefine what ‘mid gap’ means in the play-in stages.

Image source: @ChurchOfChovy

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