Who will you meet at IGEAS 2021?

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The first time the team at Inven Global hosted and produced Inven Global Esports and Academia Summit, we worked closely with collegiate esports leaders and communities to identify what types of resources and opportunities are most useful when embarking on a competitive gaming career. 

While most everyone knows the potential for growth and career development within collegiate and academic gaming, the pathways towards reaching that potential is often unclear and lacking reliable guideposts.  This is the central industry problem IGEAS is working to fix. The feedback from past attendees was clear -- everyone wants more engaging networking that leads to practical opportunities. 

AS IGEAS returns in 2021, our summit is now a 3-day virtual event divided by specific esports industry tracks designed for all manners of gaming disciplines. Our sessions feature real esports, gaming, cosplay, and streaming professionals who, in any other scenario, would likely miss your DM. At IGEAS, however, their mission is simple -- pass on as much practical advice and valuable information to the next generation of working esports and gaming professionals!

Who do you want to meet at IGEAS 2021?

Any aspiring esports professional or current industry worker looking to expand their network can benefit from IGEAS, check out some of the sessions below:

People and Business - September 24th

Riot Workshop: Branding the Spectacle of Worlds.
Your Esports Partnerships: Are they ripe or rotten?
Training Grounds: Your First Esports Interview.

Esports Contender - September 25th

The 4 Problems Every TO Learns to Solve.

Why I Speedrun Through Life, Any%.

Evolving Past the Esports Grind: Best practices for a competitive career.

Content and Media Creatives - September 26th

Post or Problem? Inside the head of esports social managers.

The Intersection of Esports & Cosplay.

Esports, Vtube, and the Future We Can't Avoid.

▲ Hubilo, our dedicated virtual event platform attendees can join to participate in hands-on sessions and workshops


How do I attend IGEAS 2021?

IGEAS is free to attend by using this registration link. Once your registration is approved, you will receive access to Hubilo, our virtual events networking platform (pictured below). Hubilo allows for 1:1 video sessions with IGEAS mentors and access to our hands-on workshops. 

In addition, Hubilo is where all event giveaways, promotions, and live chat throughout the 3 day event are taking place. The majority of panels will be streamed for free across Twitch and on invenglobal.com, but registering for Hubilo is the "complete" virtual event experience.

For more information about IGEAS 2021, visit www.invenglobal.com/igeas -- we hope to see you there!

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