Were some Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC slots stolen?

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The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate community has started to wonder if some video game characters had their spots on the roster stolen from them. 


In a recent Reddit post, a Ridley main said that no spots were stolen development-wise, but that spots have been stolen within Smash's universe. The player shared a picture from Min Min's announcement, showing how she'd taken the coveted Smash invitation from another ARMS fighter. 


Source: Smashboi888


While this interaction was most likely created to misdirect and surprise Smash players watching the trailer, it also had a lot to say about the lore behind Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Other fans pointed out that Sephiroth didn't even get an invitation at all. Instead, Sephiroth crashed the game in order to find Cloud. 


Joker also stole someone's invite to get into the game. In his reveal trailer, it's stated that Joker was invited to "steal the greatest treasure of all." Joker's arrival also states: "Joker steals the show." 



This led to other realizations. Only Villager, Isabelle, Terry, Joker, and Pyra & Mythra received invitations. All of the other Smash DLC fighters seemed to just be in the right place at the right time. For example, Steve was just mining when he came across Mario. Banjo & Kazooie sort of just fell on Duck Hunt's head. 


So is it truly part of Smash lore that characters are stealing spots and pushing their way into the roster? Were the invitations really meant for someone else, from their game or otherwise? Will this come into play when the last DLC is revealed later this year? 


While this portion of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's lore is currently unclear, it does bring up a lot of interesting points that the community previously overlooked. With so many characters barging their way into the roster, the identity of the final DLC character is even more confusing than ever before. It could literally be anyone. 

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