[Guide] How to play VALORANT's new map Fracture in 3 minutes or less

Source: Riot Games (Edit Aaron Alford)

Fracture is the newest map for VALORANT coming to the game with the launch of Episode 2 Chapter 3 next week. We made a short and sweet guide for Fracture so you can hit the ground running when it releases!



This map is quite unorthodox and is arguably the map in VALORANT that strays farther from traditional CS:GO map designs. 


From spawn,  Attackers on Fracture can access both the south and the north of the map, traversing between the two on ziplines. Defenders on the other hand spawn in the middle of the map above that zipline and have immediate access to both sites at the start of the round.


So attackers can immediately split push either site at the very start of the round, and defenders can set up their defense on each site before the round starts. This leads to some explosive results.

The A and B Sites on Fracture

The A site, located on the east side of the map, has four entrances to it. Enemies can enter the site from A Main, A Rope, and  A Link from the south and A Drop from the north. Defenders can jump up A Drop from the box next to it, but there is no way for attackers to drop without making a sound.


The A site itself has a top and a bottom level. The most popular spike plant spot during the playtest seemed to be behind the box on the bottom level. 


The B site also has four entries; B Main and B Tunnel from the south, and B Link and B Arcade from the north.


The most powerful position on B is B Tower, specifically the door overlooking the site which is referred to as Nest. The site itself for B is a single level and includes the alcove next to it, which is pretty sheltered. This alcove and the boxes in the center of the site are both good places to plant.

Tips for playing Fracture in VALORANT

Just like with other ziplines in VALORANT, you can move silently on the long ziplines that allow you to rotate between the top and the bottom of the map. It will take you significantly more time to rotate this way, but it can mask your sound from any defenders who are hanging out in Defender Spawn, where they can hear standard zipline use.


The outside rotations for this map are long. So if you are in a hurry to start a retake, it is best to try to rotate through Defender spawn, since it is the only efficient connector between the A and the B site.


This map has a lot of sneaky cubby holes that enemies can lay in wait and ambush you from. Keep this in mind as you traverse the map, and be sure to check all of your corners.

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