Cosplayer Spotlight : Nadya Sonika




What first drew you to cosplay?

It’s a funny story because since I was a kid I enjoyed dressing up with my two young brothers for Halloween. We created our costumes from scratch weeks before our family's events/parties (my mom helped us). But I learned about cosplay thanks to a group of friends in high school that brought me to a small show in my hometown: that was when I first saw Cosplay and I fell in love!

What is the most satisfying thing about Cosplay?

Simple, two things. You learn like crazy how to sew, paint, craft, build, and the best part is that at the end, when the cosplay is ready, you go to events with your friends! The part where your share your passion with others and everybody is happy is one of the best experiences.


Who are some cosplayers you look up to?

There are so many people that influence me in this world. Very talented, beautiful and amazing people. If I can name some of them are: Ryoko Demon, J. Hart Design, Jessica Nigri, Riddle, Twin Cosplay.

What type of characters do you love to cosplay?

I usually cosplay my favorite characters, no matter if it is a man or a woman, I can turn it into genderbender, crossplay or simple cosplay.


What cosplay achievements are you most proud of?

Well, everytime I make a new cosplay I learn from the one I made before. I always try to keep learning from videos, friends, teachers. If I can mention a few of my favorite cosplays that I have created, they would be Gambit, Ryu Hayabusa, Firecracker Jinx, Captain Fortune, and Sylvanas.

What would be your ideal travel destination?

I think it would be Tokyo Game Show and spend a week in Japan as a tourist. Taking photos in cosplay and having fun in that country.

What do you do for fun besides cosplay?

I like play videogames, go to the movies, go have a calm dinner, outside activities like running, hiking, biking.


Where can people see more of your cosplay?

Please visit my social networks and viva Mexico!



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