Nearly 40 minion changes, new keyword arrive in largest Hearthstone Battlegrounds patch ever

Two new heroes are joining the Heartstone Battlegrounds pool. Images via Blizzard


Fans of the almost two-year-old auto chess game mode within the Hearthstone client, Battlegrounds, are scheduled to receive the largest update in its' history when a patch goes live on Tuesday afternoon. 


Featuring nearly 40 minion changes, a brand new keyword, a damage cap, two new champions and more, this isn't your run-of-the-mill update the game mode gets from time to time.



Announced in a social media post Monday afternoon, the update, titled Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Refresh, looks to phase out original, outdated minions and introduce a vast pool of new ones that bring unique playstyles to the table. One such is Bird Buddy (below), which fills a Tavern Tier 3 slot and introduces a new mechanic, Avenge.


According to the official announcement's blog post, Avenge "does something after (X-number) friendly minions die." Avenge is the first keyword added to the game mode that does not already exist in the collectible card game itself.


Another common complaint from members of the game mode's community is being addressed in the patch as well: a damage cap. Often times, especially at higher ranks of play, if an opponent(s) high rolls the early game and becomes exceptionally powerful before the rest of the lobby's team compositions come online, they can deal exorbitant amounts of player damage, knocking foes out very early. Even if a player doesn't get knocked out, taking 25 damage by an opponent on turn 7 isn't most individual's idea of a good time.


Under the new update, players are able to take a maximum of 15 damage from a single foe prior to the first player in the lobby being eliminated or disconnects.


The full list of changes coming in the patch, scheduled to go live on Tuesday afternoon, can be found here.

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