Tweek defeats MkLeo 3-0 with Diddy Kong to become the Smash Summit 3 champion

Source: Beyond the Summit


Gavin "Tweek" Dempsey has become the Smash Summit 3 champion, taking home almost $50,000 and proving his in-person talent after over a year of WiFi tournaments. 


Tweek's final match was against one of the best Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players of all time, Leonardo "MkLeo" López Pérez. MkLeo had climbed up the losers brackets to face Tweek after losing to him multiple times throughout Smash Summit 3. 



Tweek defeats MkLeo at Smash Summit 3 Grand Finals


MkLeo decided to use Pyra & Mythra against Tweek's Diddy Kong, which surprised commentators. They were even more surprised when MkLeo seemed to favor Pyra, even keeping her out when Tweek wasn't within the KO range. 


This worked to Tweek's advantage in the first game, with him easily juggling Pyra while keeping his bananas handy. Despite a wild Blazing End from MkLeo, Tweek KOd Pyra soon after, resulting in an easy first win. 


Despite Tweek's easy round one victory, MkLeo decided to pull out Pyra & Mythra for the second round. Commentators wondered if MkLeo was banking on Tweek's inexperience fighting against a newer character rather than Joker since both of MkLeo's mains are not too promising against Diddy Kong. But it wasn't only Diddy Kong's advantage over Pyra & Mythra that had Tweek dominating in the second round — Tweek was also showing off his incredible tracking skills.


MkLeo could be seen getting a bit frustrated after losing his second stock. While he was able to get Diddy Kong down to one stock, MkLeo wasn't able to catch up. A deadly up smash had MkLeo flying, meaning Tweek only needed one more win to defeat MkLeo. 


At this point, the Smash community was pretty confident that Tweek was going to take down MkLeo. It seemed that commentators were almost rooting for a 3-0. With so many in-person  tourneys coming up, it felt like Summit 3 was Tweek's start of a promising season. It was also a time for Diddy Kong to shine after being forgotten for so long. 


"This could potentially be MkLeo's final stock of the tournament. It's looking like Tweek is your Summit 3 champion, bro. It's feeling like that. He's been playing absolutely out of his mind. Despite all the competitors MkLeo had to go through to get this rematch, it may be all for naught. Diddy has unlocked what Tweek is all about as a player," the commentators said halfway through the match. 


Soon after, Tweek had MkLeo off the stage and was showing off some incredible edge guarding. MkLeo attempted to come back just to get hit with a banana. His second attempt at recovering was met with an over smash that sent him flying. That KO meant that Tweek defeated MkLeo 3-0. 



"I'm trying not to cry," Tweek said after the match. "It's been a super rough time for everyone. Playing WiFi every day, picking up a brand new character. I took a lot of that time to focus on stuff outside of the game. I'm the guy that gets tilted. So that's what I worked on. I even did some nerdy shit like read sports psychology books." 


The strategy apparently paid off. Despite MkLeo being one of the most prominent and successful Ultimate players in the world, Tweek made the victory look easy. Fans called the win "inspirational" and noted Tweek's newfound confidence while playing Diddy Kong. 

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