He is the warrior that built this town from dust


Today’s Editorial Cartoon is about Minho “Crown” Lee, the Mid laner for Samsung Galaxy.

There are five roles/positions in League of Legends and each player has a role in the game. Among all five positions, the most outstanding one must be the Mid laner. With amazing skills and mind games, the Mid laner fights for the team at the center of the map and pushes the team to the enemy Nexus. Inspired by the Mid laner they’ve been watching, many League players rush to the mid lane as soon as the game starts.

Another reason that the Mid laner is highly sought-after as a role is due to the professional League players, with one of them being none other than Sanghyuk “Faker” Lee. Faker, undoubtedly the king of Mid, is the best Mid laner in the world. Even Faker himself should be aware of that.

Surprisingly, there is another Mid laner who may be making a claim to the throne. He has yet to be called the rival of Faker, but is slowly reaching the top step by step. Although not as great as Faker yet, he surely has the potential to be the “World’s Best Mid laner”. That Mid laner is Minho “Crown” Lee of Samsung Galaxy. Crown became the rising star with his amazing performance in last year’s League of Legends World Championship. Although Crown didn’t make it to first place last year, his endless efforts have made him who he is today. He is incomparably stronger than who he used to be and his performance in the League of Legends Championship Korea is simply unforgettable.

What would be the motivation behind Crown’s endless effort? Is it to get a revenge on Faker for winning against him in the finals? Possible, but not likely. Crown has a strong motivation to be better at League and that is probably the secret behind his success. Nonetheless, fans are excited to see the fated match between him and Faker in the playoffs and the finals.

Achievement through time and effort is a rather common theme in comic books and movies. Regardless of what he or she is trying to achieve, the story where the protagonist achieve his or her lifetime goal through effort is always a compelling story. Just like “Naruto”, the protagonist from the movie “Old Boy”, and Baki from “Baki the Grappler”, we want to try our best for our goals. We want to be like one of those comic book characters, but we often quickly realize it’s not as easy as it seems.

Crown’s ongoing effort to reach the top is still going on. Now that the finals of LCK are not that far away, SSG will get a chance for revenge against SKT T1 if they play as well as they have in the playoffs. Will Crown once again face the Unkillable Demon King and show us the best Mid vs. Mid fight ever? Will Crown, as his fans hope, get his revenge and also prove his effort payed off? We are more than excited to see what he is capable of, and look forward to beholding the crown that Crown will someday wear.

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