KR Reactions: “The only person that got four wins today.”


*All images and reactions in this article have been scrapped from popular KR LoL communities such as LoL Inven, DC Inside, FM Korea, etc.



WTF hahahaha ROFL

ㄴ It’s so bluntly childish so I rather like it LOL

ㄴ The old boys of each team aren’t doing embarrassing poses

ㄴ By far the best opening ever by Riot

ㄴ Why am I blushing

ㄴ T1 won the opening! DWG KIA failed to contain themselves from laughing


Whoever wins, let’s go at least 4 games!

ㄴ Yeah, hopefully no sweep


Faker’s Bo5 record

ㄴ That’s an insane win percentage

ㄴ 12 out of the 19 wins are 3-0

ㄴ I don’t care if DWG KIA is the better team. I just want Faker to win his 10th.


*Keeps checking the time*

Those who are waiting for the game right now…

ㄴ Shut up and just start the game!!!

ㄴ That’s what I mean


Game 1

*First blood*

Insane gank from Khan and Canyon!

ㄴ Wow, that angle was awesome

ㄴ Canyon lives and Faker dies… That’s almost game.

Teddy’s Ezreal record…

ㄴ 50+ games with KDA 10, REALLY???

ㄴ That record is including his Jin Air days… Just WOW


*T1 wins Rift Herald fight*

Keria is the best support in history!

ㄴ Trundle’s strengths and weaknesses both appear in just 3 minutes

ㄴ Ghost got there too late and his ult was even later…


First dragon at 17 minutes lol

ㄴ It’s too slow. If T1 takes this game more than 40 minutes, they’ll win for sure. They have a much better late-game draft.

ㄴㄴ Yeah, the gold difference isn’t that far apart. I can see it happening.

DWG KIA I believed in you!

ㄴ How will they kill Camille now?

ㄴ Is Khan real? He says he’ll be joining the army next year. What a waste of talent!


The old Faker himself!

ㄴ The key of this play was Leona

ㄴ Yeah Leona ult came first

ㄴ How in the world did ShowMaker survive?



ㄴ He’s really making shows

ㄴ That Zhonya’s was insane! What nerves he’s got!


This game is what I was talking about!!! The level of play is insane!

ㄴ Whoever wins, I’m so hyped for Worlds now

ㄴ It looks a bit messy, but the speed is clearly really fast


ㄴ Faker!!!!!!!

ㄴㄴ Faker!!!!!!!

ㄴ And Oner survives that! T1!! T1!!! T1!!!!

We knew all along that DWG KIA was strong, but T1 is doing pretty well too.

ㄴ This finals is so worth watching!

ㄴ T1 should have ran away after killing Baron

ㄴㄴ Yeah, DWG KIA was ahead the whole time. If Camille appears, they have to run.

Both teams are doing so well! No one’s really underperforming. Let’s go LCK!

ㄴ Did you see Canna?

ㄴㄴ DWG KIA is just marking him well. He’s doing alright.

ㄴ If it weren’t for the early game deaths, this game would have been completely different.

ㄴ So trustworthy!


Game 2

Kassadin and Vayne?! Which league are we watching?!!

ㄴ Kassadin is better in the late game but…

ㄴ They countered Ziggs with Vayne in the LPL

ㄴ This kind of draft was what I was waiting for!

ㄴ Info) ShowMaker’s record on Kassadin is 6-1

ㄴ If it were Gen.G, we wouldn’t be able to see this kind of draft


???: What? Me?? How the hell can I do DK vs T1 drafts?

ㄴ LOL This draft is so cvMax style


Canna falling to the same gank in two straight games

ㄴ But he took Olaf with him. It’s not a bad trade.

ㄴ He even got all the CS. It’s alright.


*Second Canna gank*


ㄴ And he took him again!


*Dive on Canna*

Again and again and again and again…

ㄴ Canna!!!!

ㄴ Awesome play!

ㄴ He was ganked 3 times and has more CS than Camille


*15 min Teamfight in bot extends to top*

More than 1 kill per minute! YES!!! That’s what I’m talking about!!

ㄴ Such a long teamfight haha

ㄴ Who said LCK is no fun?!

ㄴ Canna is doing so well.


Today’s finals

ㄴ Haha LCK is GOD

Olaf scaled way to well

ㄴ Emergency for T1

ㄴ World’s best jungler Canyon!

ㄴ Canyon is cleaning up the mess caused by mid and top

ㄴ WTF is our Vayne doing?!


It seems that Daeny goes well with DWG KIA

ㄴ Daeny! You were right!!


*T1 kills DK bot duo*



ㄴ But there are no objectives available

ㄴ It’s fortunate that Vayne got that second turret

ㄴ Oner doesn’t seem like a rookie making his first appearance at the finals

League of Zhonya’s

ㄴ Camille + Ziggs taking down LeBlanc

ㄴ Khan is sooo gooood

Faker’s getting PTSD… Remember this?

ㄴ Khan: “Sang-hyeok, do you remember? You can’t get away from me!”


Two former T1 head coaches enjoying the lead


ㄴ Oddly satisfying


???: Thank you, DWG KIA! You proved the Camille first pick!

ㄴ But DWG KIA knows how to play Ziggs bot…


???: Hey, it’s pretty good eating up humans instead of jungle monsters

ㄴ It’s this guy all the way. An angry polar bear rips humans apart.

ㄴ Canyon lul


It still feels that T1 is doing much better than I thought

ㄴ It’s true. I thought DWG KIA would win smoothly. The score might be this way, but the games are exciting!


Game 3

Gumayusi in!

ㄴ Teddy’s monstrous but he wasn’t this game.

ㄴ If T1 wins this, he’ll become a superstar

ㄴ The team’s down 0-2 and he has the nerves to do that haha


ShowMaker Kassadin again!

ㄴ Charging comp against Kennen and Azir. I don’t think that’s a good idea

ㄴ T1 seems to have won the draft

ㄴ DWG KIA’s draft looks weird. They got cocky.

ㄴ When the commentators say it’s difficult to execute their plans, it means it’s a bad draft.


This guy appears no matter what the meta

ㄴ I wonder why

ㄴ Stupid dove gets picked even when it gets nerfed

Info) If DWG KIA wins game 3, they will have won all playoffs games without losing a single game this year

ㄴ They swept all playoffs games this year wow


Gangqui: Kassadin and Diana? If I was Renekton, I would have dodged the game.

ㄴ If it were solo queue, it’d be hell


ㄴ Yeah, DWG KIA kind of passed a line here.


Canna playing with his food

ㄴ Prolly trying to delay the respawn

ㄴ He should have put up more emotes

DWG KIA needs time and T1 isn’t giving them any

ㄴ This proves that T1 really knows what they’re doing.

DWG KIA may be groggy, but they aren’t knocked out!


ㄴ Kassadin took that bounty


T1 had priority in all lanes. They couldn’t lose this.

ㄴ 21 minutes LOL

ㄴ DWG KIA’s draft was one of the worst I’ve ever seen.


After games 1 and 2, I thought LCK was god. Now I’m not that sure…

ㄴ WTF just happened?

ㄴ DWG KIA maybe wanted to give ShowMaker his 1,000th kill in this finals.

???: This is a “hidden camera”, right?

ㄴ Teddy-god T_T

ㄴ With that draft, Teddy also would have won no sweat.


???: This is the last present for you, T1


ㄴ ???: Mission accomplished


After all this time?

???: Always


As a T1 fan, honestly, I’m relieved that we won at least one game off DWG KIA.

ㄴ Same here.

ㄴ Ditto

ㄴ I hope DWG KIA gets cocky two more times...


Game 4


ㄴ Top Gragas??

ㄴ DWG KIA seems to have the better draft

ㄴㄴ Why do I think T1 is better?

ㄴㄴㄴ It’s not bad, but definitely not better.


Info) There are fans watching at the theater who will be kicked out during the game if it passes 10 PM.

ㄴ Just to see them squatting outside the theater looking at their phones, I hope this game goes to game 5.

ㄴ I’m at the theater, and if T1 wins, I’m gonna go home right away. [Cries]

ShowMaker gets 1,000 kills!

ㄴ That arrow from Ghost WOW

ㄴ That play was like a piece of art

ㄴ If DWG KIA wins this match, it’s because of that arrow

DK is tripping since game 3. What happened?

ㄴ Daeny magic

ㄴ Faker’s been showing his best and worst during this series.

ㄴㄴ I wouldn’t say worst, though.


There are so many people that criticize Faker, but the truth is, he’s awesome. There’s no one that actually gets through him.

ㄴ That’s what I’ve been saying.

ㄴ He makes one mistake and everyone’s on him.


Both teams are missing skillshots so much.

ㄴ Are you even watching? They’re all evading them


Well… It’s like ‘19 Worlds’ Faker... 

ㄴ I won’t doubt you on this…


ShowMaker did everything this game

ㄴ That was insane. Remember Faker’s LeBlanc? It’s like ShowMaker’s making Faker retire.


The only person that got four wins today.

ㄴ Daeny FTW


The real winner of today

ㄴ ???: Thank you, DWG KIA!

ㄴ They don't need to play in the gauntlet

ㄴ And they're going straight to groups

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