[Guide] Best raid counters, moves, and skillsets for Zamazenta in Pokemon GO

▲ Zacian (Left) and Zamazenta (Right) Image by Niantic


The next Gen 8 legendary Pokemon added to Pokemon GO is Zamazenta - Hero of Many Battles. Zamazenta is a Fighting-type pokemon who has a max CP of 3,829 at Lv. 40, and 4,329 at Lv. 50 — exactly the same as Zacian. However, despite its high stats, Zamazenta isn’t as useful as most other legendary Pokemon due to its unfortunate skillset.


Best counter for Zamazenta


As a Fighting-type Pokemon, Zamazenta is weak against all Psychic, Fairy, and Flying-type Pokemon. This means that all those Mewtwos, Rayquazas, Espeons, Zacians, etc. you’ve caught over all this time are all super-effective against Zamazenta. Note that Zamazentas have attack types that counter their own counters such as Snarl/Crunch (counters Psychic) or Ice Fang (counters Flying).




Fast Move

Charged Move



Psycho Cut

Psystrike (Elite TM)



Air Slash

Hurricane (Elite TM)



Metal Claw

Play Rough







Best moves and skills for Zamazenta


Unlike Zacian, Zamazenta isn’t quite as good even if its CP is the same. Its skillsets are rather underwhelming. The fast moves it can learn are Metal Claw (Steel), Snarl (Dark), Quick Attack (Normal), and Ice Fang (Ice) — none of which are Fighting-type, so no bonus damage. It wouldn’t be as satisfying, but using Snarl as its fast move seems to be the best choice for DPS.


The charged moves Zamazenta can learn are Close Combat (Fighting), Crunch (Dark), Iron Head (Steel), and Moonblast (Fairy). Obviously, you should choose Close Combat to gain the same-type attack bonus.


There are two more directions in which you can take your Zamazenta. One is using it as a Dark-type attacker by teaching it Snarl and Crunch. With its high CP and attack stats, it will work out decently against Ghost-type Pokemon, but do NOT use it to counter Psychic-types. The other way is teaching it Steel-type moves — Metal Claw and Iron Head. It goes the same in this case as well. Do NOT use it against Fairies.


The Ultra Unlock is nearing its end. Have you caught ‘em all?

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