Blizzard is now accused of shredding documents related to the gender discrimination and harassment lawsuit


As the sexual harassment and gender discrimination lawsuit continues against Activision Blizzard, it's come to light that the Overwatch and World of Warcraft publisher has been shredding documents. 


The California Department of Fair Employment & Housing updated its lawsuit against Activision Blizzard earlier today to reflect that the publisher has allegedly been withholding key documents. Not only that, but Blizzard has apparently been shredding them. 


One of the major changes to the document reads that "documents related to investigations and complaints were shredding  by human resource personnel and emails are deleted 30 days after an employee's separation." 


Meanwhile, the company has a legal obligation to retain these documents during the course of the investigation. 



Anyone following the allegations against Activision Blizzard is probably not surprised by the update. The company's human resources department has been called out by many employees throughout the investigation, with many claiming that little was ever done to address abuse and harassment allegations. 


Former employees, as well as current ones, were quite vocal after hearing the document shredding accusations. One employee called on Blizzard staff to unionize in response. Others in the gaming community pointed out that shredding these documents was illegal and may have created even more complications for the floundering gaming company. 


California Penal Code 135 reads: "Destroying evidence is prohibited in both civil and criminal cases, including contract dispute litigation or divorce. [...] This charge applies to evidence which is used in trial or government investigation."



IGN asked Blizzard to respond to the updated lawsuit and a spokesperson denied that documents were shredded. The spokesperson stated: "With regards to claims that we have destroyed information by shredding documents, those claims are not true. We took appropriate steps to preserve information relevant to the DFEH investigation." 

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