RAAL MG added to Warzone: How to unlock it

Source: Activision

The RAAL MG light machine gun, the final Modern Warfare weapon, was added into Warzone on Tuesday. The RAAL MG has been available in Warzone as ground loot in the past, but now you can officially create Loadouts with it and add it to your custom Loadout drops. With the release of this weapon, all of the Modern Warfare weapons are now available for play in Warzone Season 5.


Overview to the RAAL MG

RAAL MG stands for Reconnasciance Auxuillary Assault Light Weight Machine Gun (I know, rolls right off the tongue). This gun features a slow fire rate, high damage per shot, and very manageable recoil. As you expect from an LMG, all of this damage comes at the cost of mobility, so I wouldn't recommend running around Verdansk with this weapon out, but in the right situation, it can dominate the competition.


How to unlock the RAAL MG

To unlock the RAAL MG you will need to get five kills in seven different matches while using LMGs equipped with a Scout Optic.

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