[LCK Finals Media Day] DK ShowMaker: "My finals opponent mid laners were Chovy, Bdd, and Faker...If I beat Faker this time, it’ll be very meaningful."


On August 24, the media day for the 2021 LCK Summer Split Finals was held. Players and coaches from DWG KIA and T1 joined the media to talk about the finals and answer questions. From DWG KIA, head coach Kim “kkOma” Jeong-gyun and mid laner Heo “ShowMaker” Su joined the conference on Zoom.



[To everyone] Can you tell us how you feel about the finals?


kkOma: The road to the finals was a long one. Now that we’re here, we’ll do our best to win.


ShowMaker: This is our third consecutive finals in a row, so we’ll do our best to make it our third consecutive championship win.


[To everyone] Who’s the player that you think will prove to be the biggest obstacle?


kkOma: Although I think all of the players on T1 are very good, I’m especially wary of their bot lane.


ShowMaker: Faker, because he’s my lane opponent, and I think he’s playing really well right now.


DWG KIA’s looking for their 3rd consecutive championship victory, while T1 looks for their 10th total championship victory. Heading into the finals, what’s each team’s mindset like?


kkOma: At the moment, the biggest reason why I want to win is that I want to make DWG KIA win their 3rd consecutive victory.


ShowMaker: Every championship finals are important, but because we’ve been through a lot this split, and the fact that it’ll be the team’s 3rd consecutive victory, this split’s finals hold a lot of meaning.


Either kkOma or Faker will get their 10th championship victory. Is there anything you’d like to say to each other?


kkOma: I just hope that he’s healthy and smiles a lot, and only wish the best for him in life.


[To kkOma] What’s the biggest lesson that DWG KIA learned during this split?


kkOma: Ever since day 1 of being a coach, I’ve always had the mindset of a student. Not only were there a lot of things that I experienced for the first time, but there were also a lot of things that I learned, so this split was very meaningful.


Does playing against your former team, a team that you’ve been with for a long time, give you an advantage in analyzing T1?


kkOma: I don’t think that’s the case at all. We just need to be thorough in analyzing our opponents, and I think my coaching staff is more than capable of doing things well.


With the addition of the former T1 head coach, Yang “Daeny” Dae-in to DWG KIA’s roster as an analysis coach, how have the responsibilities within the team been divided?


kkOma: Daeny’s in charge of most of our in-game analysis, so I was able to focus on head coach duties.


How do you analyze the current T1?


kkOma: This is a really hard question for me to answer… I think that because of Faker being on the team since the SKT T1 days, he has the knowledge and the experience to shape the team into a strong one.


Are there any new strategies that the team has prepared for the finals?


kkOma: Whether it’s new picks or new in-game strategies, we’re doing a very thorough job in being ready for the finals. We have a lot of new strategies that we’ve yet to unveil; everyone’s working hard, so I have no doubt in my mind that we’ll do well.



During this season, you’ve gone through a lot. You’ve even played as a bot laner. Did that experience help your career?


ShowMaker: I thought it would help the team if I play in the bot lane, rather than thinking it would help me. I don’t think there were any big experiences this season that would help my career.


Does it help more to win a lot than to lose a lot?


ShowMaker: Since I lost a lot in ‘19 and ‘20 spring, I don’t think I need that experience. [Laughs]


The team is becoming more and more perfect. What do you think?


ShowMaker: Rather than being perfect, the team’s synergy has been improving.


How would you rate DWG KIA in the early summer split and now?


ShowMaker: Early in the split, we started off on the wrong foot, and the players’ forms weren’t that good. We weren’t very good then. Now, Daeny is here and our individual forms are much better. It feels that we’re much better than early in the summer split.


You’re facing Faker in the finals of the LCK. How does it feel?


ShowMaker: It’s an honor. My finals opponent mid laners were Chovy, Bdd, and Faker — they’re all called one of the best. If I beat Faker this time, it’ll be very meaningful.


Then if you win this time, do you become the best mid laner in the LCK?


ShowMaker: I’ll work hard so that I can be.


How’s your condition? Do you have a special method?


ShowMaker: When I first debuted, I got nervous often, but now, I’m just tense enough so that it helps my performance. I don’t have any special methods — I just try to stay in the same condition.


They say that it’s harder to maintain being at the top than getting up there. What do you think?


ShowMaker: That’s true. As much as it’s difficult, I believe we can do it if we work harder than before.


How do you think the score would turn out?


You predicted a 3-0 victory. What’s your basis?


ShowMaker: We’ve been winning all of our best-ofs 3-0 so I think it’ll happen again this time.


You have confirmed a spot at the World Championship. Is there a mid laner that you’d like to meet?


ShowMaker: It seems Doinb is really good. I did meet him before, but it’s so different now.


You’ll be getting a championship ring designed by Tiffany & Co. if you win this time. Are you going to wear it all the time?


kkOma: I don’t think I’ll wear it. I’ll be giving it to my wife.


ShowMaker: I didn’t think about it, but I’ll probably keep it in a safe place.


What can you promise to the fans if you win the championship?


kkOma: If DWG KIA gets three consecutive championships, I think that itself would be a big present to the fans. I’ll make sure that we have a good performance at Worlds as well.


ShowMaker: I’ll promise to do something fans want. As long as it’s not too excessive.


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