A weird event is coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tomorrow

Source: Nintendo


A new challenge is approaching: Big-Mouthed Mayhem. 


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's latest spirit event is focused on spirits that have large mouths. The three-day event will begin on August 20 and run to August 23. During that time, spirits with the biggest mouths will take over the Spirit Board in Adventure Mode: World of Light. Think Rayquaza and Chain Chomp. 


You will need to defeat these spirits in battle to earn Snacks. Legend-class spirits will also appear at set times throughout the three days. For those that don't really care about this single-player campaign, Snacks are items that can be used to level up primary spirits by increasing their EXP points. 


The more matches you win during the event, the more spirits you can add to your collection as well. Spirits power you up in World of Light. You can enhance your fighter's strength with a primary spirit or gain special abilities from support spirits. This helps when facing tougher challenges down the line. 


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been hosting these spirit events throughout the year. Last week, the focus was spirits with hard heads. Previously, new spirits were introduced during the Mario Golf: Super Rush event. 


If you're sick of facing Ness and Samus over and over again online, take a break and take part in the Bigmouthed Mayhem event tomorrow. 

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