Apex streamer iiTzTimmy completes solo Bronze-to-Predator challenge in 54+ hour stream

Source: Timmy

Backed by fans and strangers from around the world, Apex streamer iiTzTimmy finally accomplished his goal of going for Bronze to Apex Predator in a single stream Monday evening, after doing a marathon stream 54-hour and 30-minute stream. During the continuous two-day event, a sleepless Timmy grinded out hundreds of games as he climbed toward his goal. When he finally accomplished that goal, he did it in front of an audience of over 140,000 people.




According to stats posted by Timmy himself, during his run he reportedly gained around 14,000 subscribers and added over 100,000 new followers, rocketing him to nearly one million followers on Twitch.  His stream on the final day averaged 106,000 viewers and reached over 2,000,000 unique viewers over the three days. 

While the run was technically a solo Bronze-to-Predator run, he did get a little help at the end. Near the end of his stream, many other streamers started queuing at the same time as him, attempting to essentially "stream snipe" him, in the hopes of joining his team and helping him reach his goal. The accomplishment nonetheless stands on its own as incredibly impressive.


Timmy has attempted similar stunts in the past. In season 9, he attempted to reach predator solo in a single stream but ended up only reaching Masters before giving up on the dream. That stream still clocked in at a hefty 33 hours. While Bronze-to-Predator runs are relatively common, even ones that take place across a single stream, it is rare to see a streamer attempt to accomplish this goal alone, in a single sitting. 



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