Blissey coming to Pokémon Unite on Wednesday, full list of abilities revealed

▲ No need to fear, Blissey is here. Image via The Pokémon Company


Blissey, the loveable evolution of everyone's favorite Generation 1 Egg Pokémon, Chansey, is coming to Pokémon Unite on Wednesday's update. Announced in a post on the game's official social media accounts Monday morning, Blissey will join Mr. Mime, Eldegoss, and Wigglytuff in the Supporter role.



The first Generation 2 Pokémon introduced to the team battle game, Blissey's ability to swing fights in an instant or aid allies in wars of attrition will come in clutch on the battlefield and help round out team compositions that can maximize the potential of either. 


In a post that got shared on the game's official subReddit, players will start out the game as Chansey and evolve into Blissey once level four is reached and her first powerful move can be selected.


Her full talent tree, according to the leak, is as follows:


Level 1-3 moves


- Has the user attack by pounding in the designated direction, dealing damage to opposing Pokémon in the area of effect, decreasing their movement speed for a short period of time.

Heal Pulse
- Continually restores an ally and Blissey's health for a short period of time.

Level 4 moves

Helping Hand
- For a short time, an ally and Blissey's movement and basic attack speed is greatly increased. During the duration, all of the user's basic attacks become boosted. Upgrade: Increases the damage of basic attacks throughout the duration.

Egg Bomb
- Hurls an egg at a designated location. It explodes, dealing damage in an area and displacing foes. Upgrade: This also decreases the opponent's movement speed for a short time.


Level 6 moves

Heal Bell
- Removes all status conditions from a designated ally and makes it immune to hindrances for a short period of time. Upgrade: Also provides a shield to the designated ally.

- Throws an egg to an ally, restoring its HP as well as Blissey's. The move can store up to three uses at a time. Upgrade: Increases the maximum number of times Soft-Boiled can be used.


Unite Move

Bliss Assistance
- Blissey dashes to a designated ally, granting the target a shield and increases their Attack and Special Attack damage for a short period of time. The user also intercepts a portion of the damage received by the designated ally for a short period of time. While dashing to your ally, Blissey displaces all characters it comes in contact with.


With the ability to heal allies on the spot or cleanse them of hindrances depending on how players choose to build her, Blissey's versatility as a Support character could allow her to be used in numerous different team compositions. If your opponent's squad features crowd-control abilities that cause your allies trouble, you have an answer to that. If burst damage is their thing, perhaps a build that emphasis healing is the way to go.

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