SKT T1 Peanut: "I'll do my best to prove that I can also play well even in playoffs."


SK Telecom T1 might already be on the finals, but that didn't mean that the team was any less serious about winning. After defeating MVP with a clean 2-0 record, SKT will now be waiting for the team that makes it to the finals and play the last match of the Split on April 22nd.

Just as it had been with Samsung Galaxy, the post-match interview with OGN was not just for the match's MVP, but for all SKT T1 players who played in the match.

The interview started with Wangho "Peanut" Han, who said: "After being subbed out in the last match, I prepared long and hard for today's match." When asked about the team's 'uncharacteristic' success in a spring split, he answered: "I think the team might have played better in the spring split because I've joined the team. However, it's all thanks to my teammates that we played really well this season."

Sanghyuk "Faker" Lee continued after Peanut, saying: "We thought Peanut wasn't feeling great lately, so we decided to give him some kills to cheer him up." As for today's match, Faker remarked: "I wanted to have fun for today's match, but Coach Junggyun "kkOma" Kim told us to play seriously today, so that's what we did; All in all, I'm glad that we won today. He did not forget to evaluate some of popular midlaners, saying that Syndra might excel in laning, but Ahri and Ekko are better in teamfights.

▲ Huni walking away like a boss


One of the most memorable scene of the match was Seunghoon "Huni" Heo walking away from a fighter with just a single point of health left after an intense trading with Fizz. Huni explained, "You have to choose Ignite when playing with Fizz. I wouldn't have survived if he chose to play with Ignite. However, that doesn't mean that I would have played safer if he had Ignite - That's what being a toplaner is all about."

When asked about his signature champion, Rumble, Huni was not afraid to show his affection for the yordle: "Rumble is not only a top-tier champion, but it's also something that I'm confident with. As someone who wants to be remembered as the master of Rumble, I'm glad that I've been doing well whenever I picked Rumble."

The dynamic botlane duo, Junsik "Bang" Bae and Jaewan "Wolf" Lee, also commented about their champions. Surprisingly, Bang was not very impressed with Lucian: "Although the buff on Blade of the Ruined King helped Lucian to be recognized, but it's not really a good champion compared to Ezreal, Ashe or even Varus." Wolf also stressed the importance of playing with more traditional supports rather than unorthodox picks such as Vel'Koz and Lux by emphasizing the importance of 'fundamentals'.

Speaking of Wolf, he also expressed how he wants to be recognized for something even while playing in a role less prominent than others: "I can't do anything about being less recognized compared to other positions. However, I tried my best to keep my KDA ratio high for the KDA award."

▲ He did it for the sweet, sweet KDA award.


Finally, after a brief session of rock-paper-scisssors, Peanut had the honor of wrapping up the interview, saying: "It's my fourth time being on the finals of an LCK split. I'll do my best to prove that I can also play well even in playoffs."

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