SSG Ambition on his 5th year: "Being able to focus only on the game was a treasure of its own."


On April 1st (KST), Samsung Galaxy ended the regular season on a high note by defeating ROX Tigers with a clean 2-0 record.

For Chanyong "Ambition" Kang, it was a momentous night as today was his fifth anniversary as a professional LoL player and a match that he'd been waiting for after a long break. As expected, he did not let this chance go to waste and show an impressive performance with Kha'Zix in Game 2

Here is our interview with Chanyong "Ambition" Kang.

Congratulations on finishing the regular season with a win.

Although it didn't change our place in ranking, I still did my best to stay in shape. I'm glad that we won 2-0.

How does it feel to have reached the fifth anniversary as a professional LoL player?

I stopped putting too much thought into it after my third year. I didn't know why I needed to be afraid of younger players, but I realized how being able to focus only on the game was a treasure of its own. Now that I'm older, I have to think more about my life both in and out of the game.

When you joined SSG in 2016, it didn't place as highly as it is right now. Did you see some potential from the team even back then?

To be honest, I thought it would be the same regardless of the team that I might join. In fact, I believe that teams with players that are considerate and understanding of each other will eventually do better than those with who are selfish and stubborn. My impression of SSG was that they are diligent and considerate, so I made up my mind to join. I thought they'd do well in future - but I honestly didn't expect us to be the runner-up of the regular season. It feels great.

Now that you've been with the team for more than a year, what are some good things that you've brought to the team?

I thought needed to have something that I'm better than the others. Recently, I realized that what I'm better at are neither shotcalling, macro plays nor micro plays. Instead, my strength lies in good feedback. I believed that alone was enough for me to prove my worth. Minho "Crown" Lee must be under a lot of pressure for being the carry, so I've been giving him some friendly advice too. To be honest though, I think the boys can do fine on their own. (Laughs)

Kha'Zix hasn't been doing great in LCK, but you've done very well with it today in Game 2. Can you tell us how you did that?

I had a rough start, but I managed to get ahead of the enemy jungler from the early game skirmish and going into the mid game. I had an easier time in teamfights because my teammates played champions that can draw aggro away from me. Kha'Zix is a good champion as long as you can farm better than the enemy jungler, and you also need to think about the enemy's composition.

Can you tell us what has improved after Coach Changdong "TrAce" Yeo joined the team?

He's been a professional gamer until very recently, so he is a great help during feedback. Since players can trust his opinions, his words carry authority and help finalize decisions.

According to your post-match interview with OGN, Head Coach Woobum Choi was making recommendations for champion picks. Is that something that he does often?

It depends. Today, he recommended a champion that Jimin "Wraith" Kwon can play confidently. Since he felt pressured about having to face Zyra, Head Coach Choi recommended Lux to him, and everyone else agreed to that recommendation.

You've mentioned how you wanted to face KT Rolster in the semifinals in the OGN interview. Can you tell us why you've said that?

Personally, I'm more afraid of Afreeca Freecs than KT Rolster. Either way, I think we'll be facing either KT or AFs in the semifinals.

Can you tell us your most memorable event of this season?

Personally? Announcing my engagement. (Laughs) In terms of LoL, losing a game and being subbed out to see Haru making a comeback for the team was an eye-opener for me. It felt strange, and it was a good stimulant for me too. Of course, it's been tough facing that reality. Not many understood my dilemma, and I really couldn't rely on anyone else. At least, I got used to it. (Laugh) I'm okay with it now. Instead, I've changed my perspective into thinking that I only need to do well when I get the chance.

Now that we finally have a chance to ask, tell us more about your engagement.

I wanted to show how neither being engaged nor being married will change anything as a player. In traditional sports, players can get married and play well after turning 30s. I wanted to prove that a professional gamer can do the same, and that's also why I went public with my relationship. I wanted to prove that having a significant other does not interfere with a player's performance.

Thank you for your time. Do you have anything that you want to share?

I didn't do very well this season, so I'll do my best to be better than that I have been. Also, I didn't get a chance to talk about my fiancee in OGN interview, so I'll say it now: She's been going through rough patches in the United States, so I want to tell her how much I'm grateful for her and that I love her very much.

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