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Post-match interview with SSG: "I hope to see KT Rolster on the semifinals."



On April 1st, Samsung Galaxy ended the regular season on a high note by defeating ROX Tigers with a clean 2-0 record. After the match, OGN called up every member of SSG and did a post-match interview with the entire team.

Starting with Chanyong "Ambition" Kang, who also celebrated his 5th anniversary as a professional LoL player, every member of the team had a chance to say something.

Ambition was happy that his teammates had his back during the match, saying: "I had a rocky start, but I came back into the game after getting a few kills. I want to thank my teammates for giving me chances to shine."

Minseung "Haru" Kang, another jungler for SSG, showed his loved for Lee Sin: "I often play with Lee Sin and win quite often too. That might be why I'm confident to play with it." He also talked about Ambition and how they make a good pair to practice with and is a good rival to each other.


Sungjin "CuVee" Lee explained how he trusts his teammates enough for him to fully adjust to the team's composition, saying: "Personally, I prefer to play with aggressive toplaners, but I generally play with tanky toplaners for my team to win."

Minho "Crown" Lee, the midlaner, was happy that he is now confirmed to be the Seasonal MVP: "I did make some mistakes because we, but I'm glad that we won without losing a set."

When asked about how SSG is now regarded as one of the best team in the LCK, he answered, "I believe we have a chance against every team in LCK, and we just do what we are supposed to do - I think luck might be a reason why we've been doing great."

As for Jimin "Wraith" Kwon, who surprised everyone by picking Lux as support, he explained the reason behind his unexpected choice: "Well, Zyra was already gone, so I decided to go with the head coach's recommendation of picking Lux."

However, Seungjoo "Stitch" Lee seemed not as surprised. "He's been playing with even champions like Sejuani in the Solo Queue. It would be nice if he could stick to on-meta champions, but Wraith can really make off-meta champions work."

The botlane duo, Jaehyuk "Ruler" Park and Yongin "CoreJJ" Jo, were happy with today's Ezreal-Lulu composition, but hinted at a possible surprise pick in the playoffs.


Finally, the camera returned to Ambition, and he concluded the interview with a small wish for their playoffs: "I hope that KT Rolster will make it to Semifinals, since we are ahead in head to head statistics. Although we've failed to get into finals too many times, but I really hope that we make it this time because we are in a very good shape."

After thanking the fans, his teammates and the coaching staffs, the team ended the interview, promising to do their best in the playoffs.


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