[Guide] Best loadout for the TEC-9 SMG in Warzone Season 5

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The TEC-9 SMG was released alongside Warzone Season 5 on Thursday evening. The new SMG by default comes with a single-shot mode, but by using different muzzles you can turn it into either a burst SMG or a fully automatic SMG. While different people might prefer different playstyles, and therefore different TEC-9 builds, generally speaking most of the top tier players are running this weapon in its fully automatic mode with its base iron sights.


Here is the best fully automatic loadout for the TEC-9 SMG in Warzone Season 5


Overview to the TEC-9 in Warzone 

The TEC-9 in Warzone is really several different guns, depending on how you choose to build yours. The build shared in this guide will focus on making this gun competitive with other fully-automatic SMGs by using the Full Auto Repeater muzzle. When built around speed and short-range deadliness, the TEC-9 can hold its own against even top-tier SMGs like the MAC-10.


With that in mind, all the attachments in this build prioritize short-range effectiveness and nimbleness. 

Best attachments for the TEC-9 in Warzone Season 5

  • Full Auto Repeater muzzle
  • 7.7" Rifled Barrel
  • Tiger Team Spotlight laser
  • STANAG 48 Rnd magazine
  • SAS combat Stock


Full Auto Repeater muzzle

The Full Auto Repeater muzzle turns the otherwise single-shot TEC-9 into a fully automatic short-range beast. While the single-shot mode may be effective at medium ranges, having your fire rate limited by your physical ability to click just isn't going to cut it. The burst mode is somewhat usable, but it can be really punishing if you miss even a single burst. The best way for this SMG to be competitive in Warzone is to make it fully auto.


7.7" Rifled barrel

This is a bit of a weird pick, since the 7.7" Rifled barrel only adds damage range, with no bullet velocity buff. Usually, you would see a Ranger barrel or maybe the Task Force barrel here. However, since we want to prioritize movement and nimbleness with this build, the downsides of both the Task Force and the Ranger are significant. Additionally, this build is meant to dominate short-range combat, so we don't really need the bullet velocity increase that comes with either barrel.


The added Damage Range of the Rifled barrel will extend our effectiveness in short to medium range combat, while only adding a slight reduction to springing move speed which won't effect our ability to move while shooting.


Tiger Team Spotlight laser

The Tiger Team Spotlight is a powerful attachment with this weapon since it increases your base movement speed and increases your aim walking movement speed. The downside to this attachment is that the flashlight will be visible to enemies and it will slightly reduce your aim stability, but those are a small price to pay for the increased mobility that is the key to making this gun effective.


STANAG 48 Rnd Magazine

The STANAG 48 Rnd Magazine is a solid pick for the magazine. With nearly 50 rounds, you should be able to take multiple gunfights before needing to reload. The downside to this extended magazine is that you will have a slightly longer reload time and it will also slightly increase your ADS time. Overall, its worth it to have the extra bullets in the magazine.


SAS Combat stock

Finishing off this build, we have the SAS Combat stock. When equipped, the SAS Combat stock will increase your shooting move speed and your aim walking movement speed, in exchange for a slight penalty to your hip-fire accuracy. This stock is really down to personal preference. I personally rarely fire from the hip, though I believe this gun might excel from the hip for those that enjoy that playstyle. If you do fire from the hip, you might want to skip this one, but overall the extra mobility is worth it.


How to Unlock the TEC-9 in Warzone Season 5

You can unlock the TEC-9 for free by reaching level 31 of the Season 5 battlepass.

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