[Guide] Best loadout for the EM2 assault rifle in Warzone Season 5

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Warzone Season 5 is here, and it brought the brand new EM2 assault rifle. The initial impression of this full-auto rifle is that it is very good at medium and long ranges, and could even challenge the Krig-6's absolute dominance of the AR meta. For those who are looking to try out this new rifle, these are the best attachments to run with the EM2 to maximize its deadliness and usefulness in Warzone Season 5.


Overview to the EM2 Assault Rifle

What the EM2 lacks in fire rate it makes up for in reliable recoil control and performance at range. This isn't a weapon you will be running up on people like you might with the FFAR or the XM4, but if you are looking to keep your engagements at a medium to long-range as you would with a C58 or a FARA, this might be a good gun for you to run with.


Best Attachments to use with the EM2 assault rifle in Warzone

  • Agency Suppressor
  • 25.8" Task Force Barrel
  • Axial Arms 3x scope
  • Field Agent Grip
  • Drum magazine


Agency Suppressor

As usual, suppressing this weapon is your best option. When you run with a suppressor on your EM2 rifle, it helps keep your profile down and keep you off people's minimaps, which in turn helps keep you alive in the Warzone. The Agency Suppressor is particularly important now, with the COmbat Scout perk that will automatically highlight and ping you should you be shot by someone running it. It is more important than ever to keep the element of surprise on your side with this perk now out in the wild.


25.8" Task Force Barrel

The Task Force Barrel is an obvious choice for this gun since it ups both the damage range and bullet velocity. For most players, the benefits of the Task Force in longer-range fights are going to outweigh the penalties to your ADS speed, hip-fire accuracy, and aim walking speed. Alternatively, you could consider running the Ranger Barrel for the bullet velocity buff, if you don't want to take a hit to your ADS time and don't mind sacrificing the extra damage range that comes with the Task Force barrel. 


Axial Arms 3x scope

A magnified scope is greatly helpful on this weapon. Longer range confrontations are where this gun excels, so selecting a high-visibility, moderate-magnification scope is going to only help you in bringing in those kills. I personally prefer using the Axial Arms 3x Scope, but as always you can use whatever scope you enjoy the most, so long as it works for you.


Field Agent Grip

While the stock recoil on the EM2 assault rifle is not too difficult to deal with, the Field Agent Grip really brings this gun into its own. This grip reduces both the horizontal and the verticle recoil of this gun, which turns this gun into a laser. Even if it might not technically need the recoil reduction, it is such a nice quality of life addition to this loadout, I highly recommend it.


STANAG 50 Rnd magazine

Adding the STANAG 50 rnd magazine to this weapon is a no-brainer. Once this magazine is applied, you can wipe out entire squads of enemies from long-range without having to reload once. It is pretty standard to run an extended magazine of some description on your ARs in Warzone, and the EM2 is no exception to that rule.


How to Unlock the EM2 assault rifle in Warzone

You can unlock the EM2 assault rifle for free by reaching Tier 15 of the new season battlepass.

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