[Opinion] Super Smash Bros. Ultimate community not surprised to find out one in three men prefer playing female characters

Source: Nintendo


Pink Inkling Girl is almost always preferred over the other Inklings in the Smash roster. And who even picks male Chrom or male Robin? 


But Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fans aren't unique in choosing their waifus over male counterparts. A new study by Quantic Foundry discovered that one in three male gamers preferred playing as female characters. 


In the full report, Quantic Foundry revealed that 48% of men who answered the poll preferred playing as male characters, leaving 29% choosing female characters. Most of the male responders who decided on female characters were older. Basically, the older a dude was, the more likely he was to prefer playing as a female character.


But why? 


Well, Quantic Foundry stupidly didn't ask the respondents why.


But there are usually two explanations. One theory is that male gamers like the designs of the female characters more, due to their more varied hair and outfit choices in certain games. Sometimes male characters can be a bit lacking in that department. 


Another theory is that male gamers are looking to explore their gender. Games are often seen as a safer space than the real world, allowing them to try out multiple identities without judgment or negative interference. 


Source: Who's Ki-Lo


The most obvious theory is that men find the female characters attractive. This would explain why older men are also more likely to select female characters.



While this isn't always the case, it's not uncommon for video games to sexualize female avatars compared to men, putting them in revealing clothing or showing their ass prominently when the camera follows behind them. This is most likely appealing to a lot of men, making the choice to pick a female character a bit obvious. 



When it comes to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, there is a very unhidden and blatant waifu culture surrounding the game. Pyra & Mythra had forums dedicated to their bust size upon release and people have been nit-picking Zero Suit Samus' body changes for years. People are often drawing sexualized images of Peach and Daisy, giving them thicc bodies and revealing outfits. 



While some gamers are most likely picking Inkling because they simply like neon pink or find her outfit the coolest, it's sadly quite common for people to draw revolting fan art of the child-aged character. 



So why choose male Byleth when you can be the large-eyed, spandex-clad female version? 

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