LW Blue Luna: "I really wish we can win the next season."


LW Blue secured its spot in the third place as the team won 3-1 against Meta Athena in the decider match of APEX Season 2. We had a chance to hear from Gyeongho “Luna” Jang about his thoughts on today’s matchup, and also the moment when they lost to RunAway in the semifinals. He promised to come back stronger in the next season and thanked his fans for continued support.

Below is the post-match press interview with Luna.


Would you like to say anything on how you ended this season?

We won, but the victory was a bitter one. We didn’t advance to the finals and it was the decider match today, but I’m still happy that we won.


It was a fiercely fought battle against RunAway but you still lost. How did you manage to get back up?

I still remember that day. We kept asking each other, “aren’t we going against RunAway tomorrow?” I think it took us a while to accept the fact that we lost.


The team stopped at quarterfinals last season, but came third this season. That is surely an improvement, don’t you think?

I can clearly see that we are improving day by day. I love my team so much. I want to keep playing together with everyone until the very end. I think we can still improve further.


What could you have done better in quarterfinals?

We didn’t have much time to prepare because we had only about four days in between the games. We tried our best to come prepared, but the time was too short and we didn’t get what we wanted.


You had a roster swap in Temple of Anubis. Weren’t you worried about the teamwork?

We scrim a lot with our sister team, and I think he did a great job fitting in with our style. We never practiced together, but he still did very well. I was impressed, and also thankful.


Meta Athena showed surprise tactics especially with the Mei wall. Did you prepare for that?

Honestly, we didn’t. We already played with Mei at Numbani in Season 1. We already knew what to do with Mei, so we weren’t so worried about that.


It looks like you guys are even more popular than you were in Season 1. How do you feel about this?

We used to see a lot of empty seats in Season 1, but we are now seeing many fans shouting and cheering for us. It gives us strength for sure, and also makes it feel like Overwatch esport is really taking off.


How did it feel when you lost to Lunatic-Hai?

We had a scandal back then and everyone was out of their minds. We also had tough schedule, so everyone was exhausted. We just felt sorry for our fans that we were underperforming and unable to show what we had.


How did you stabilize your team as the captain?

I wasn’t aware of all the ongoing issue so I was confused and worried at first, but I had to pull myself together because it was mid-season. Everyone including the coaches pushed hard to come together as a team.


You kept going for dive comps. Is there a specific reason to that?

When the offense is playing dive comp, it is hard for the classic Reinhardt defense comp to deal with the fast-paced attack. We use dive comps frequently to deal with the fast tempo.


Any last word?

Thanks to my coaches and teammates, for always trying so hard. I really wish we can win the next season. Our fans also give us boxed dinner every match. That surprises me every time and makes me feel so thankful.

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