[Guide] Best legend combos in Apex Legends Season 10

Source: Respawn Entertainment (Edit Aaron Alford)

Apex Legends Season 10 was released earlier this week, bringing a new map rotation, a new agent, and a brand new Arenas ranked mode! The new season also brought with it a battery of balance changes for the various agents, leading to some slight changes in the tier rankings for the various characters


For those who are looking to play with their friends and dominate either the Battle Royale mode or the Arenas mode, we put together a list of some of the best legend combinations that you can try out. These legends feature complimentary abilities that when combined will help you bring home the wins while playing with your friends.

Best legend combinations in Apex Legends 

  • Valkrie + Gibraltor
  • Bangalore + Seer or Bloodhound
  • Wraith + Pathfinder
  • Octane + Revenent
  • Seer + Bloodhound


Valkrie + Gibraltor

Gibraltor and Valkrie are a powerful combination, especially in the standard battle royale mode. The best part about this combination is that you can use Gibraltor's Bubble to protect Valkrie while she charges up her Skyward Dive ultimate ability.  This combination works really well and will keep you safe while you prepare to rotate or run from the circle using Skyward Dive.


Beyond that, these two also balance each other out. Valkrie has a very flexible jetpack that lets her get into aggressive positions and chase enemies, while Gibraltor is able to use his bubble and shields to protect his teammates, as well as push aggressively. 


Bangalore + Seer or Bloodhound

Bangalore is the only character in the game to have a smoke ability. And while smoke is not always the most useful ability, when combined with either Seer or Bloodhound, that smoke can actually be really useful for gaining the upper hand in a fight.


Once you have an idea of where the enemies are, you can drop the Bangalore smoke and then pop either Bloodhound's scan or Seer's focus of attention to mark enemies through the smoke, allowing you to see them while they can't see you. Additionally, Bloodhound and Seer both feature ultimate that can track enemies through smoke as well. This is a really fun combo to try out.


Wraith + Pathfinder

If you are an all-gas, no brakes kind of squad, Wraith and Pathfinder might be a good team combo to try with a friend. Both of these Legends can play aggressively using their abilities, and also are mobile enough to get away when needed.


Wraith can use her teleport and her wraith form to enter the void when she needs to get away, while Pathfinders grappling hook and zipline ultimate are also excellent abilities for quickly repositioning. These characters are great, self-reliant characters for when you want to just hunt down the enemy and kill them, without having to play passive at all.


Octane + Revenent

Another great combination for players who like to push aggressively is Octane and Revenant. Both of these legends feature highly mobile kits, with Octane being able to speed himself around the map and drop a jump pad, while Revenant can Scale walls at will. When you combine these two together, you can really take enemy squads by surprise with your aggressive mobile pushes, in similar fashion to the Pathfinder/Wraith combination.


Seer + Bloodhound

Seer and Bloodhound both have some incredibly powerful intelligence abilities. When they hunt together, they can take the power of those abilities to the next level. Admittedly this is probably not the most efficient combination, since their abilities are somewhat redundant, but it feels really broken and fun to have two wall hacky characters at the same time.


Bloodhound's scan is best for finding enemies before an engagement, and once Seer knows where the enemies are he can hit them with his Focus of Attention that reveals them and their for 10 seconds. Furthermore, Seer can use his heartbeat detector to get a sense of where enemies are, so Bloodhound's scan doesn't go to waste. On top of that, both of these characters have stupid powerful tracking ultimates that when dropped together are even more powerful.


This is definitely the most dangerous tracking team in Apex Legends Season 10.

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