T1 Faker: "I’m happy that the team is on a good run."


On August 6, T1 defeated Gen.G once again in the 2021 LCK Summer Split. With a 2-1 win, T1 collected their 10th win of the season. In the match, Moon “Oner” Hyeon-joon and Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok were voted as the Players of the Games. They were interviewed by the analyst desk.



Congratulations on today’s win. After beating Gen.G in round 1, you beat them again today. How do you feel?


Oner: I thought we’d win 2-0, but unfortunately it was 2-1. I still feel good.


Faker: It wasn’t bad today, but I saw parts where we could improve, so today’s match was very meaningful.


Oner had a great performance on Lee Sin. Are you satisfied with your own performance?


Oner: I’m quite satisfied. There were regretful moments, though.


You played mostly on the top side and didn’t look after the bot lane. Was it the team’s strategy today?


Oner: I played that way because our bot duo is really good even if I don’t look after them at all.


It seems that T1’s draft is rather difficult to pull off. Is it because the players are confident? Or is it the coaching staff’s decision?


Faker: The better the team, the more compositions they play. We’ve been playing these compositions with confidence, so in some games, there are difficult compositions.


After letting Burdol play Irelia for two games, you banned Irelia in game 3. Was it hard to face?


Oner: Burdol played better than we thought. We thought we’d win if they didn’t play Irelia, so we banned her.



When you saw the Olaf-Lulu comp, how did you think you’d face it?


Faker: To me, the Olaf and Lulu comp wasn’t a threat at all. I just thought I’ll get them later in the game.


T1 was leading mostly, but you gave up a Baron steal. What did you discuss during that play?


Faker: Since Oner’s very capable of landing Smites, we called for a Smite-fight, but in the situation, it was rather easy to steal and it got stolen.


Oner: It wasn’t a burst call, so I’m innocent. [Laughs]


Faker played Orianna today. Orianna isn’t that popular in the meta. Why did you pick her?


Faker: I picked her since Orianna was good for our team comp, and since the mage items are cheaper than before, it’s easier to play them.


You have two matches left — DRX and Hanwha Life Esports.


Oner: We have two games left, and we’ll prepare well so that we win them all.


Faker: I’m happy that the team is on a good run. I’d like to prepare well for not only the remaining two matches, but the playoffs as well, and aim for the championship.


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