DK Canyon: "Thanks to Daeny, we’re able to play without hesitation."


DWG KIA has started a winning streak as they’re nearing the end of the 2021 LCK Summer Split. One of the things that DWG KIA is back to their old selves is that jungler Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu is back to his good form. For a while, Canyon wasn’t able to show the performance he showed when they won the World Championship last year, but in the last two matches, Canyon led DWG KIA to clean 2-0 sweeps and was in the center of the spotlight.


“It was a chance for us to raise our position in the standings,” said Canyon. “I’m happy that we won.


Canyon played Lee Sin in four consecutive games. About the Lee Sin pick, he said, “Lee Sin is a champion that can get ahead in ganks, counter-ganks, 2v2 skirmishes, and teamfights. The whole draft was one where Lee Sin could play actively.”


In game 1 against Fredit BRION, Canyon was voted as the Player of the Game, as he made several super plays with Lee Sin. “The situation in the game allowed me to play more confidently. Even if I overextended, my teammates were able to cover me, so I was able to make bold plays.”


Recently, Yang “Daeny” Dae-in, who led DWG KIA to the World Championship, returned to DWG KIA as a strategic analyst. When asked about Daeny, Canyon replied, “Daeny emphasizes the importance of five players thinking the same thing. Thanks to Daeny, we’re able to play without hesitation.”


“We’re not perfect yet,” said Canyon about DWG KIA’s current state, and mentioned what they needed to come back to their dominating form they had last summer. “Our champion pools aren’t as wide as last year, and we need to improve our synergy as well. We’ll be working hard to get back there.”


Canyon and DWG KIA’s next opponent is Gen.G. About the match, he said, “Clid has been putting up good stats. I’d like to work harder so that I could have more influence then him.”

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