Everything new coming in Warzone Season 5

Source: Raven Software

The Warzone Season 5 roadmap dropped on Thursday, revealing everything that is coming to Warzone Season 5. The new Warzone season, which starts on August 12th, is bringing new weapons, new operators, new modes, and new perks. Here is everything new coming to the game in Season 5!



Warzone Season 5 Roadmap

New weapons in Warzone Season 5

The following weapons are coming to Warzone in Season 5:


  • EM-2 AR 
  • Tec-9 SMG
  • Marshal Pistol
  • Cane (Melee)

EM2 Assault rifle (launch)

The EM2 assault rifle will be available next week with the start of the new season. It is a fully automatic assault rifle with controllable recoil, a slow fire rate, and a "built-in low-zoom optic." You can unlock the EM2 for free by reaching Tier 15 of the Season Five Battle Pass.



TEC-9 SMG (launch)

The TEC-9 SMG is a semi-automatic submachine gun, which is somewhat abnormal for an SMG. It has solid accuracy for longer ranges, easy to control recoil, and a slow fire rate. You can unlock the TEC-9 SMG for free by reaching Tier 31 of the Season Five Battle Pass.


Marshal Pistol (In-Season)

Launching mid-way through Season 5, the Marshal is a secondary double-barrel pistol that fires 12-gauge shotgun shells. The developers promised this gun will have "1-shot kill potential" in close range. Presumably, you will also be able to run this gun akimbo, so this could be a very interesting weapon when it is added later on this season. You will be able to unlock the Marshal by completing in-game challenges or picking up a Blueprint in the store.

New Perks in Warzone Season 5

Perhaps most notably, Warzone Season 5 will be adding two new perks to Warzone: Combat Scout and Tempered.


Combat scout will give operators "a burst of in-field intel" highlighting enemies in orange and pinging them when they deal damage to an enemy. This perk could be really helpful in quickly and efficiently communicating information to your teammates.


Tempered Will make armor plates heavier, allowing you to use only two plates instead of three to achieve full armored status. This will mean it is faster to recover in a fight and you will go through armor plates slower. Tempered will take your second perk slot, so you will have to choose between running this and running Ghost.

New Gulag map: Rush

The Gulag map for Season 5 will be Rush. Rush seems like a suitable map for the Gulag 1v1s, and could potentially be much better than the Season 4 Gulag map that features some confusing interactions with both sound and stun grenade hit markers due to the placement of the spectators inside the Gulag. Hopefully, this new Gulag map will address those issues. 


New game mode: Clash

The Clash game mode is coming partway through Season 5. The new mode is a spiritual successor to Warzone Rumble. It will pit quads against each other in a respawn mode deathmatch race to 200 points. Each kill is worth 1 point, and a number of other events will take place on the map that can net your team points as well. This mode will feature starting loadouts, making it a great mode for leveling weapons.

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