How to Start a Raid in Minecraft?

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With the update of the Village & Pillage for 1.14, Minecraft expanded the usefulness of the villages. Meanwhile, adding another threat for the passive villagers or illagers. The angry mobs with gray-skinned find randomly spawn as a patrol group next to a player or standing ground near the tall outposts. The article explains how to start a raid in Minecraft. For little alchemy cheats check other articles.


7 Steps to Start a Raid in Minecraft


Once a raid begins, specific parameters are determined by the game concerning how to start a raid in Minecraft. Firstly, the raid center will be set based on the player's location upon triggering the raid. The average of all village points of interest within a 64 block radius will establish the center.


Step 1: Locate a Pillager Outpost

First, you need to locate a Pillager who is Outpost in Minecraft. A Pillager Outpost structure spawns generally in the game next to the village. Besides, the Pillager Outpost forms near a village. They can appear in any biome that a village owns. You can see the picture of what a Pillager Outpost in the Taiga biome looks like on the web. You can find a Pillager Outpost by using the given command /locate command.


Step 2: Kill Pillagers to Find Leader

A new mob protects the pillager Outpost known as the pillager. Ascertain, the player enters the Outpost, the pillagers will start attacking you. Kill the pillagers to find the Patrol Leader. The leader is quick to spot because it wears an illager banner on its head.


Step 3: Kill Patrol Leader to Get Bad Omen

Raids can start if the player has a Bad Omen. These effects earn after a player kills the illager captain, who can identify as the Mob with an ominous banner on its head. Upon killing the Mob, the Bad Omen effect will be immediately applied and can trigger a raid once nearby a village. In Java Edition, the Bad Omen can be stacked depending on how many captains a player has killed. Having a Bad Omen effect higher than level 1 can increase the chance of raiders having enchanted weapons.


Next, you must kill the Patrol Leader. Once you kill the leader, you will curse with a new status effect called Bad Omen. The Bad Omen effect is a unique status effect that causes a group of hostile mobs to generate and attack when a player with the Bad Omen effect enters a village. The event is called a Raid.


Step 4: Enter a Village to Start a Raid in Minecraft

Now, locate and enter to learn how to start a Raid in Minecraft village. While entering the village, you will observe a Raid progress bar display on the cover similar to the progress bar Ender Dragon or Wither Boss. This bar will primarily be empty and then start to fill. 


Step 5: Raid Horn in Minecraft

Once the Raid bar is complete, the raid starts. Listen to the sound of the raid's horn. The horn means the first wave of Raiders is coming. The Raiders run to the village from the closest Pillager Outpost, so that takes a moment. The waves of pillagers sound like a Raid or a war horn that indicates the gamer's direction of the team of pillagers. It will sound every 1-2 minutes to alert players of the location of any remaining mobs. However, the order would be hard to distinguish without using stereo headphones or surround speakers.


Step 6: Kill Raiders in Minecraft

Next, you can observe a group of Raiders consisting of pillagers, evokers, ravagers, vindicators, and witches rush to the player with Bad Omen in Minecraft. As the player kills the hostile mobs, the Raid progress bar decreases by indicating how many remaining mobs get killed to end the raid. When you've killed all Raiders, the Raid bar will disappear, and the raid is over!


Step 7: Trade Discount in Minecraft

Ascertain, the Raid overs, and the player will give Hero the Village status effect in Minecraft. The status effect offers the player to trade, including villagers, at a discounted price.


Congratulations, you just learned about how to start a Raid in Minecraft. Players love getting some marking indicators that they finished an element of a game. In each version of Minecraft, there is a list of achievements on Bedrock Edition and advancements on Java Edition that players earn when it comes to raids. 



Achievements include the Feeling Ill means killing an evoker, Kill the Beast means killing a ravager, Being Attacked trigger a raid, and Sound the Alarm ring the bell with a hostile mob near a village. Advancements include the Voluntary Exile kill an illager captain and Hero of the village successfully beat a raid.


Here we close the topic of how to start a raid in Minecraft. Hopefully, we submit satisfactory answers to acknowledge our readers about all possible steps and facts about raiding. To appreciate the effort, like and subscribe to our page. Thanks for your appreciation. Take Care!

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