[Guide] How to use the Rampage LMG in Apex Legends

Source: Respawn Entertainment (Edit Aaron Alford)

The Rampage LMG was added to Apex Legends in the Season 10 Emergence patch. The new LMG is the first LMG to ever be added to Apex Legends since the launch of the game if you don't count the L-Star EMG which is technically a different class of weapon. The Rampage is already looking strong upon arrival, especially if you learn how to use the unique upgraded mode of this gun to your advantage.



Here is our quick guide to using the Rampage LMG in Apex Legends Season 10!


Overview to the Rampage LMG in Apex Legends 

 The Rampage deals 28 damage per hit at all ranges and holds 28 bullets in its magazine by default. It features a relatively low fire rate in its standard mode with very easy to control recoil.


When all these factors combine, this weapon ends up being a long-range beast that can sustain accurate fire on a long-range target with relative ease. In short-range, however, the Rampage will suffer due to the slow fire rate.


You can power up the Rampage LMG using a thermite grenade. The charge takes about 4-seconds to activate, at which point it will power up your weapon for a short amount of time, enough to fire maybe one or two magazines typically. While in this powered-up state, the Rampage fires at a greatly increased fire rate, making it much more competitive for short-range situations. In this state, it is a very dangerous gun that can deal a lot of damage very quickly.


In its standard mode, this weapon is not as powerful as the S-tier Spitfire, which can only be found in care packages this season. That being said, with its upgraded mode's high damage potential, the Rampage will likely find its place as one of the better automatic long-range options in Apex Legends season 10.


Tips and tricks for the Rampage

Collect all the thermites you can

This weapon is solid but nothing special in its standard state. But in its upgraded state, the Rampage LMG absolutely slays. So if you are running the Rampage, try to focus on picking up only thermite grenades to use during your upcoming fights. When it is powered up, this weapon might be the best gun in the game, so keep an eye out for those thermites and take advantage of that fact.


Carry a short-range weapon with it

When you aren't in your upgraded state, this gun has a frustratingly slow fire rate. You are going to want an SMG or a shotgun of some type to handle those shorter-range conflicts. Of course, when it is powered up you can go ham in CQB with this gun, but having something else that works in short-range is nice. 


Extended mags are very helpful

This is an LMG that will benefit greatly from extended mags. You can upgrade your magazine to up to 40 bullets if you find the highest level mag option. Even a gray-level magazine will offer you 32 bullets, which is a worthwhile improvement. Not only will extra bullets be helpful for long-range harassment and sustained damage, but the extra bullets will also help you take full advantage of your thermite powerups.

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