T1 Faker on solo queue win traders: "Riot will solve that problem well. I hope new measures are set to stop those bad users..."


On July 31, in the 2021 LCK Summer Split, T1 defeated Fredit BRION 2-1 and collected their 9th win of the season. With the win, T1 rose above DWG KIA and placed themselves in 4th place. After the match, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok joined the press room for a chat with the media. During the interview, Faker spoke up about the recent win traders in solo queue.



How do you feel about today’s win?


If we had won our last match and made a winning streak, it would have been better, but I’m satisfied since our performance during the win today was alright.


You’ve almost locked in a playoffs spot. How does that feel?


Since our goal isn’t making the playoffs, locking in a slot doesn’t mean that much.


You were awarded Player of the Game playing LeBlanc. How would you rate your own performance today?


There are parts that went well in today’s match, but it’s regretful that I made some careless and idle plays. Game 1 went well, so the result was good, but I ruled out the opponent’s ganks in game 2 when I was doing well. Other than that, I lacked detailed parts in laning.


T1 picked Renekton in game 3. Was it from the feedback after game 2?


We wanted to change the flow, and it seemed that they prepared the Renekton pick, so we took it from them.


You’ve been playing with Oner in the jungle recently.


After the first round, our results weren’t that good and the team atmosphere was bad as well. I think Oner is starting to improve those parts. In that process, Oner has been leading a lot of plays, so I think the team atmosphere got much better through that.


There were win trading issues in solo queue that you’ve discussed in your stream, and a lot of them were banned. What do you think?


My solo queue points fell a lot, and I think that’s because of my own faults. I want to improve my form more and finish the season higher. About the win trading issues, I was rather enraged when I talked about it. I believe Riot will solve that problem well. I hope new measures are set to stop those bad users for myself and for the other users as well.


Your next opponent is Gen.G who you beat in Round 1. How will you face them?


We beat Gen.G in the first round, and this time, it’s close to the playoffs, so we need to beat them to have a good flow. Since our form is getting better and better, I want to show that in that match.


You’ve collected 700 POG points. Don’t you want to get the Player of the Season award?


It would feel good if I get POG, but I think things will follow if I just tend to the team play. I don’t mind too much.


You shook hands with Oner before game 3. Why did you shake with him?


After game 2, the team atmosphere was down a bit. Especially, Oner seemed to have a lot of regrets since he couldn’t do anything during the loss. I shook with him, saying let’s do well in game 3.


Any last comments?


The results in the regular season are important, but as much as there are the playoffs, our performance there is the most important. I’ll be working hard so that we could show our best performance to the fans at the playoffs.

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