How to Translate a Gaming Website With Website Translation

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So you have a gaming website. A gaming website shouldn’t have to worry about anything else aside from good games. How do you promote your website in order to appeal to most users, internationally?


Through website translation services, of course. This article will cover what website translation is (for gaming websites), touch on how to build a multilingual website, and then go on to how to translate your website through website translation services, along with how to vet the right translation services. 


Did you know that in 2020, the global online gaming market generated approximately 21.1 billion dollars in total revenue? And there are an estimated 1 billion global gamers worldwide? And did you know that non-English speaking countries such as China, South Korea, and Japan have the biggest pool of game players in the world? How will your gaming website reach these demographics?


You know the answer: through website translation services. It can give you access to an international audience of players by translating your website into different languages. It’s time to find out more.


What Is Website Translation for Gaming Websites


Website translation is more than just applying one language to another in a website. It’s about turning your website into a multilingual one, offering more than two languages, and giving more options for your audiences. 


For a website to truly be translated, it also needs to be localized. That means it needs to have localized content and be localized for the target region. For example, if your gaming website has options for a Chinese or a Japanese language, then you should have content that reflects current gaming news, local gaming culture, local gaming events, and other relevant content for gaming in China or for Japan.


Website translation for gaming websites requires accurate translations. Such translations may go beyond websites as well and into other necessary game translations, such as:


  • Pamphlets
  • Websites
  • Product descriptions
  • Service descriptions
  • Promotional materials
  • Newsletters


The purpose of website translation for games is not just to translate the website itself, but maybe to build the website, as well as translate other components of the gaming company. It’s an all-encompassing language solution for the games industry. 


How to Build a Multilingual Websites for Games


The first step in building a website is market research, research, research. This is especially true if your website is a gaming website with options for the Chinese market or the Japanese market. 


The second step in building a multilingual website for games is to figure out the site structure. This means if you’re going to use a subdomain. This option will allow you to have language options on your site. 


A subdomain is an additional part of your main domain, such as:




Each of these options can be another language. Subdomains are the divisions of your website, not your main website, which is your main domain. If you handle large industries and want to break it up into smaller segmented mini websites, then use subdomains. You can also use a ccTLD or a subdirectory. Here’s a breakdown of the three: read more here.


Then you’ll need to figure out the right codes for the website, which is the process of internationalization or code i18n. This code will make sure that it has gone through the process of application framework review, dynamic UI expansion, code string for localization, string extraction, and resource file preparation.


You’ll also need to keep in mind the design element, the UX, and the UI of the site. Such considerations as to whether it will be good for mobile, where you’ll place your language options, global templates, images, and colors are all part of the design aspect of the website.


Then you’ll have to create content, whether it be the latest games or the latest updates for games. You’ll have to create localized content as well, which appeals to the demographics of the target audience of your gaming website. You’ll have to prepare localized market research, localized content research, and more.


And lastly, you’ll have to do localized testing and linguistic quality assurance to ensure that your localizing process and translation are all up to par. This last step is crucial for building a multilingual website for your gaming site.


How To Translate Your Website Through Website Translation Services


Translating your gaming website through website translation services is easy, with the right website translator. There are plug-ins for automatic translation, but a website translator will do a thorough translation or even help build your multilingual website. These translators will guide you through the process of building your multilingual website for games. So that you can cater to gaming markets across the world.


Automatic translation is difficult to spot for inaccuracies. Translating your website through website translation services is more convenient and way more accurate than just translating with Google translate or even DeepL. You want to choose a high-quality website translation service like Tomedes. 


Translation with Tomedes will require all aspects of building a multilingual website. Tomedes translators are equipped with industry expertise in game translation and language expertise in a source language and a target language. Tomedes also strategically hires translators wherever the sun sets so that there are translators for you wherever and whenever they are needed. 

Why would you limit yourself to your home market when you can become a global gaming brand? Video game translation and even localized translation are extremely important for adapting video game websites for global players.

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