Is more VALORANT lore finally on the way?

Source: Riot Games


VALORANT fans have been asking Riot Games for more lore and it may finally be happening. 


In 2020, all that was really known about VALORANT's world was that the First Light event gave certain people special abilities. These people became known as Radiants. And many of them joined a shadow organization called Valorant Protocol, which was formed in response to the mysterious First Light event. Meanwhile, voice lines have hinted that there are copies of each agent but the characters aren't fully aware. 


By the end of the year, VALORANT Creative Director David Nottingham said Episode 2 would reveal more backstory about the agents and their stories. 


That promise fell flat. 


An official lore cinematic was dropped at the end of May 2021. But like most VALORANT lore, it felt more like a teaser. It still left a lot of things a mystery to viewers. 


It showed the immediate aftermath of First Light, which seems to be caused by the Radiate Power Program. Two "unidentified" radiants, known to players as Jett and Phoenix, were on the run and wanted. 


A dramatic encounter with the radiants showed Phoenix coming face to face with the wanted radiant, who looked like an exact clone of him (but a bit more cocky). But Viper took a shot at the radiant, scaring him away. 


And that was it. This just opened up even more questions about VALORANT's lore, which was still completely unknown to fans. 



Now, Nottingham has stated — once again — that lore is coming. This time, Nottingham said that lore would be dropping in the form of content much more often. 


Episode Three Act One dropped in June, bringing a new agent and battle pass. Nottingham explained that releasing large amounts of content like this is why the lore has been lacking. On Twitter, Nottingham said that developers put so much "time and energy into landing those big drops" that they can "barely recover before working on the next one." 



But Nottingham wants this to change. In the future, he explained that developers are going to "increase the range of content drops" so they have a more steady stream of content. This would mean fewer large content releases but more frequent, smaller drops, making time for lore and other content. 


So when will this content be coming? When will some lore finally be revealed without a veil of secrecy? It's still not clear but there might be important content to look for in the near future. 


"Keep an eye out for the next act," Nottingham said. 

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