World of Warcraft team on Activision Blizzard lawsuit: "We must earn [your trust] with our actions"

Source: Activision Blizzard 

The World of Warcraft team released a message on Twitter Tuesday, in which they acknowledged the lawsuit against Activision Blizzard and committed themselves to regaining the trust of their community in the coming days and months. 



"The past days have been a time of reflection for the World of Warcraft team, spent in conversation and contemplation, full of sadness, pain, and anger, but also hope and resolve," they said in the statement. "As we heed the brave women who have come forward to share their experiences, we stand committed to taking the actions necessary to ensure we are providing an inclusive, welcoming, and safe environment both for our team and for our players in Azeroth."


They continued "We know that in order to build trust, we must earn it with our actions in the weeks, and months to come. But we go forward knowing that we shared the same vision as our community about creating a place where people of all genders, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and backgrounds can thrive and proudly call home."


They also said they will be removing "references that are not appropriate for our world" within the game in "coming days".


Today's statement follows a number of other statements from WoW leadership who have responded over the past week.  World of Warcraft developer Jeff Hamilton condemned Activision and Blizzard's sexist culture on Friday and informed the player base and shareholders that very little work is being done on the game while they process the fallout from the lawsuit.



Alex Klontzas put out his own statement that has since been deleted confirming that there will probably be delays due to the lawsuit. He received backlash for that Tweet after implying that players are part of the sexist culture for being upset that there would be a delay to the subscription-based game.


For a full timeline of the reactions and responses to the Activsion Blizzard lawsuit go here.



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