DK Canyon: "ShowMaker said that Trundle looks good against melee champions and played him in mid."


On July 24, in the 2021 LCK Summer Split, DWG KIA swept DRX without much trouble. From the beginning, DWG KIA took down DRX and never let them up. In this match, Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu had a great performance and was voted as the Player of the Game for both games. He joined the analyst desk for an interview afterward.


As he was tied in 2nd place for the Player of the Game points, Canyon said, “I’m happy that we won 2-0. It would be good if I get the most POG points, but the team win is more important. I need to concentrate on the team victory.”


DWG KIA really dominated the first game as they took the win in 22 minutes which was the shortest game this summer. “We had priority in top and bot lanes, and we got a lot of benefits at level 1,” he said, “We were able to snowball through that.”


In this game, Heo “ShowMaker” Su played LeBlanc with Conquerer and Doran’s Blade in game 1, and played mid Trundle for the first time in the LCK in game 2. About ShowMaker, Canyon said, “He enjoys trying many different things in scrims. I think he tried that rune and item build because it’s good. I don’t really know about it.”


About the Trundle pick, Canyon said, “Top Trundle was hot in solo queue for a few weeks. ShowMaker said that it seems good against melee champions and played him in mid. When he played Trundle, maybe because the opponents didn’t know how to lane against him, ShowMaker picked up solo kills at level 1 or 2. It looked good, so we played it today.”


In game 2, DRX pulled out Taliyah jungle. “I thought they would pick Nidalee or Rumble, and I didn’t expect Taliyah to come out,” said Canyon. “As far as I know, Taliyah is good when picked with Renekton. That’s probably why they picked her, but I’m not sure about that pick yet.”


Lastly, Canyon talked about the next match. “We play against Afreeca Freecs next, who’s also a great team. I think we need to play much better to beat them.”

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