[Guide] How to play Warzone's new Payload mode

Source: Activision

Warzone developers added the brand new Payload objective mode into the game this past week.


The new mode pits two 20-player teams in a battle. Teams will take turns escorting or attacking two trucks. Unlike the Battle Royale mode, this mode will feature respawns and you will be able to drop in with your custom loadout like you would with Plunder.



Here is a quick guide to help get you started playing Warzone's Payload mode.


How to attack in Payload mode

Attackers in this mode are assigned the task of escorting two trucks to separate destinations. Each truck will be driven by an AI, so your job is just to keep the truck "safe" as it moves through the map. Each truck also has a mounted turret that is available for the attackers who remain directly on the truck. At least one attacker must be in the vicinity of each truck for them to move forward.


Escorting the trucks will involve killing the defending team who is trying to stop the truck and kill you. When enemies are near the vehicle, the ring around it turns yellow and stalls the vehicle until the enemy is killed. When the ring is red, that means defenders are holding complete control of the vehicle and it is moving backward. 


Attackers will progress through three checkpoints, each of which will be an opportunity for defenders to have a stand-off with the trucks. Defenders can build fortifications here to slow you down, if you are aware of that you can try to prevent them from building it with an aggressive forward vanguard. The map can be won by completing all three checkpoints with both trucks.


Attackers will be able to complete contracts that work similarly to Recon contracts in the BR mode. Once you activate and secure the Recon Device your team will acquire killstreak and cash rewards. Honestly, with the chaos of this mode, you probably won't be doing too many side quests. Just focus on pushing the trucks.


How to defend in Payload mode

The defending team's basic job is to stall the attacking team and take control of the payload. To do this, there are a number of options at the defender's disposal.


You can halt the payload progression by getting close to the lead vehicle and staying there. This will be an essential part of the fight for any defensive effort, and the perfect job for anyone looking for non-stop action.


You can also sit back and use sniper rifles to eliminate enemies trying to push the truck. If your team can gain enough map control, you can basically pin an enemy team down. While they may eventually get moving again, it will cost them a lot of time trying to oust you from your sniper perches. Sniping and long-range rifles rule this mode.


You can also build obstacles in the road to slow the enemy, or you can purchase various defensive buildings at checkpoints. The defensive buildings are worth building too. You can bolster buildings to have automated turrets or watchtowers to get an advantage on the attacking team. The most important thing for winning on defense is securing obstacles and keeping the enemy from comfortably controlling the area directly in front of the truck.


Tips for succeeding in Warzone Payload

Prioritize Map Control

Ultimately, the payload mode is a map-control objective. The attackers need to clear the path forward, while the defenders need to entrench their position. Regardless of which side you are playing on, advancing your team's position and map control is crucial to success. This mode is more like a tug-of-war than anything, so the best way to help your team is by helping control the contested region of the map.


Flanking is good, but be careful of the big red zone

Flanking is a really powerful tool in the payload mode. But be aware, the game will sometimes place a large "no-go" zone where enemies are spawning in, which will kill you if you don't get out in a few moments. The zone can pop up quite unexpectedly. So if you find yourself too far in the enemy backline, it might be time to move up before you get zone killed. 


Long-range weapons are your friend

While there are short-range conflicts, like with any mode, the early meta for Payload revolves around long-range rifles like the M4A1, the QBZ, and the C58. Sniper rifles are also a very strong option for this mode. While there are short-range fights on some parts of the map, most of the early game especially revolves around winning sniper duels, so dust off your Swiss or your Kar98k and get to work.


Don't forget the economy

For those who want to win in this mode, it's about more than just raw skill, it's also about money. Whichever team is able to acquire and spend the most money will undoubtedly have an advantage. Attacking teams who gain more money will have killstreaks to take out enemy fortifications and defending teams who gain more money can build more blockades and defensive structures. So if you find your team stalled, remember it's all about the money.


Use Payload as a chance to level up your weapons

Since Payload has respawns, it's a great change of pace for anyone who is looking to level up their guns. It supplies a more central objective, which makes firefights fast and furious.  It might be the funnest and fastest way currently in the game to unlock attachments in.

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