What is New World? Introducing Amazon's new MMORPG

Amazon's newest title "New World" went into closed beta this week. The game, which was revealed all the way back in 2016, is finally in the hands of players and is already getting some positive feedback from many beta testers. While footage and details about the game have been floating around for a few years now, many remain confused about what New World is and what makes it different from other MMORPGs.


So we put together a quick summary about what New World is all about.


What is New World?

New World is an open-world fictional MMORPG set in the mid-1600s. Players will explore an island called Aeternum Island that is modeled after North America, but has dark magic and plenty of secrets to discover. Players can explore/colonize the new world, take on quests, and engage in PvP warfare, all while leveling up their characters with skills ranging from engineering, to magic, to stonecutting, and everything in between.


Combat-wise, players will have the chance to use the 1600s fare like bows, muskets, and hatchets, as well as more fantasy-themed weapons like the ice gauntlet or the magical staffs.  The combat is more fluid than some other MMOs on the market, with a larger focus on action elements, but is generally similar to what you would expect from an MMO game.


PvE, questing, and leveling

This game features a level 60 level cap. Players must complete PvE and PvP tasks to reach the level cap. Each level will give you attribute points to spend on skills like strength, dexterity, intelligence, focus, and constitution. The various attribute skills will offer bonuses to different weapon types, so you can build around your preferred playstyle and weapon use.


The player versus enemy side of this game is very similar to what you would find in other fantasy MMOs. You will find yourself completing various quests around the map, collecting items, kill particular types of creatures, and so on. There are also dungeons, raids, random world encounters, and all the other stuff you would expect in an MMO.


The main story is spread out over your entire initial leveling experience, so you won't be able to complete the story in a totally linear fashion. Each story mission rewards you with significant bonuses to your character, so they are well worth doing.


In between story missions, there are various side quests to complete. Among the best types of side quests, there are town projects which typically require that you collect material or kill some enemies on the behalf of a town. These quests offer a good amount of XP and are good for fast leveling. There are also faction-specific quests that you can complete, which will reward you with gold and faction-specific rewards.


How faction warfare works in New World

PvP faction warfare is perhaps the most interesting part of Amazon's new MMO. There are three major factions on Aeternum: The Marauders, the Covenant, and the Syndicate. The map itself is split into various sections that can be controlled by a particular faction. 


You can capture various territories by having your company declare war within the area. To start a war, however, you must first complete various world missions with your company to undermine the enemy control of the area.


Capturing one of the territories will offer your faction bonuses in that area. If your faction is already in control, you can carry out faction missions to maintain your faction's influence in the area.  If you do accept a PvP mission, you will be flagged for PvP and can be attacked by members of other factions. In this way, the PvP isn't separate from the main world but is instead an opt-in part of the base player experience.



One company within a faction will be named the vanguard in a war. The vanguard is selected based on which companies contributed at least 10% of the effort in undermining the enemy faction's influence.  The vanguard will control the new territory if they win, and will also be able to select the 50 people who will participate in the war for their side.


PvP wars culminate in a 50 v 50 siege battle. While PvE and the world exploration is a key part of the game loop, spectacle wise the PvP missions and combat are definitely what the game is all about. 





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