kt PawN: "We will show how much we've improved by winning the remaining match."


In March 30th (KST), KT Rolster broke free from the losing streak after defeating Afreeca Freecs by making a dramatic comeback after losing Game 1. With today's victory, KT has cemented their position in the regular season on third place.

Although the match was very dramatic overall, it would have ended in AFs's favor if it wasn't for Wonseok "PawN" Heo's Orianna initiating a teamfight by Command Shockwave and effectively ending the game on the spot.

Here is our interview with Wonseok "PawN" Heo.

Congratulations on winning today's match. How does it feel to have broken the losing streak?

It feels good to have broken the losing streak. We will show how much we've improved before the playoffs by winning the remaining match [against Longzhu Gaming].

You haven't been playing well as you had been during the first half of the season.

After losing against SKT T1, we realized that we were not going to win the playoffs unless we come up with a new plan. So, we've been going through some changes as a team.

Can you tell us more about those changes?

We weren't that great in teamfights, and it was affecting our confidence too. So, we are now trying out new playstyle so that we can play better in the mid to late game.

Losing against teams that you've previously won against must have been tough.

Losing against SKT T1 wasn't a huge blow to our morale, but losing against other teams that we've defeated before were.

Then you really must be glad that you ended the losing streak today.

It would have been very difficult for us if we lost today's match as well. I'm really glad that we've won.

The split must have been very interesting to say the least for KT. Can you give us a quick rundown of how you feel about the split so far?

We thought a losing streak would happen early in the season. However, the team mood went for the worse because we went into a losing streak against teams that we didn't expect to lose. So, we are in the process of trying out new things, and it will also be the case in the upcoming match against Longzhu Gaming.

Thank you for your time. Anything else that you want to share?

We are sorry for disappointing you by going into a long losing streak - we will make sure that we do better in the playoffs, and we'll start by defeating Longzhu in the next match.

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