Six Games To Have On Your Phone



The good thing with video games is that you can play them anywhere – a gaming PC, a home console, a tablet, mobile phone, or stream them over the internet. There are so many people who load their phones with games anytime they buy a new device. This is, in fact, one of the best ways to pass your time if you have a long commute, and you use public transport. Regardless of how entertaining or silly the game is, you may play it for hours and lose track of time if you enjoy it. Want to know which are the most addictive games that you must have on your phone? Here is a list of some of the most entertaining games. Let us get started and address them one by one. 


Alto’s Odyssey



‘It is one of the top choices when it comes to free Android games. The game is known for its gorgeous graphics, simplistic mechanics, and a fun style,’ comments Steve, an educator with EduWorldUSA


The players have to ski down the hill in the game and avoid the obstacles in their path by making massive jumps. You will also have some items that you have to collect in the way, and these items can be traded for certain customization options. A distinctive aspect of the game is its wallpaper-worthy graphics. They are straightforward but very effective. More so, the gradient, dark colors add a great atmosphere to the game. It is a free game, and you can play with limited ads. There are also some in-app purchases, but most of the purchases are meant for customization. So, even if you do not shop for them, you will still enjoy the game just as much.

What’s more? Alto’s Odyssey is fun and friendly. So, regardless of your age group, you can enjoy the game. 


Among Us



Of course, Among Us does not enjoy the same popularity that it once did, but it is an incredibly fun game, which holds the potential to ruin friendships literally. Among Us is a game about deception. You can have anywhere from 5-10 players gathering and taking up tasks in the space. You will have an imposter amongst you, at times, there may be more than a few of them. It is the responsibility of the regular crewmates to overcome the imposter, who is on a mission to combat everyone. If the imposter is good, he attempts to turn the whole team against one another, rubbing the blame on the other person. Overall, it is a fun game. 


Ticket to Ride



‘It is a wonderful adaptation of the board game. This train-based game is something that I have thoroughly enjoyed and loved both as a mobile game and as a board game,’ comments Ruby, an online educator with TopAssignmentExperts


Ticket to Ride can support as many as five players with its pass-and-play. Alternatively, you can even play the game with players in your local area, provided everyone in the area has this game on their phone. In this, the power of technology truly shines. Overall, the easy and quick gameplay of Ticket to Ride certainly makes it one of the most desirable games. 


You can play Ticket to Ride when you have a house party with your friends. Overall it is an excellent gathering game and is a good pick when you want something fun, challenging, and competitive. 


AFK Arena



It is an idle RPG game. In the game, you are supposed to loot, and with every loot, you level up. The good thing is the upgrades within the game will happen even you are away from the keyboard. You can accumulate heroes and solidify the forces to save the real from an ancient evil. You can battle other players, join guilt, or progress your epic quest. 


Box It Up! Inc



It is an action puzzler, wherein you have to sort the boxes on the conveyer belt. First, you have to ascertain that they proceed through the right wrapping slot. Of course, this may seem more straightforward in theory – yellow, red, and blue boxes only have to be shoved into the position to ensure that all of them are in the correct lane and at first. However, it is not as simple as it sounds. You will have multiple challenges and complications coming your way. The packages will have to be put into the boxes, the staff will dump stuff on the conveyer belt, and there will be power-ups, which will shake things up. It might even result in a breakneck-pace mini-game. 


‘Honestly speaking, Box It Up! Inc does seem a little repetitive with the same type of puzzles in more or less similar layouts, but it is still a characterful and an exhilarating puzzle that I thoroughly enjoy, comments Joshua an educator with TFTH. 


 Clash Royale



It is a strategy game, which is meant for multi-players. Trophies and levels rank the players in the game. At the commencement, every player is given four cards. Players can use these cards in the battle for attacking or defending. As you progress through the game, the played cards are replaced with the newer cards from the deck. To win the battle, you need to destroy a higher number of towers than your opponent. Alternatively, destroying the King’s Tower is also a means to win.

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