KDM Roach: "We gained confidence after defeating KT Rolster"


In March 30th (KST), Kongdoo Monster continued to show how much they have improved by defeating Longzhu Gaming with a 2-1 record.

Although KDM will not be escaping the promotion tournament, they will certainly be able to feel more confident about their chances to make it out of the promotion tournament. At the very least, Kanghee "Roach" Kim seemed to feel the same way in today's interview.

Here is our interview with Kanghee "Roach" Kim.

Congratulations on winning today's match. How are you feeling right now?

I can't help but to wonder what would have happened if we could have played like this a bit earlier. It's a bit of shame, really.

We can now say for sure that you've gotten better after defeating KT Rolster. Do you agree?

We gained confidence after defeating KT Rolster that we have a chance to win no matter how strong the opponent might be. We had a good feeling about today's match even before we entered the stadium.

You picked Shen in all three games today. Was it a plan to do so?

Shen is my favorite champion, and I also became more confident with him after Caster Dongjun Kim complemented my Shen. Of course, it's still a decision made with the team composition in mind.

You had a clean win in Game 1, but Game 2 and 3 were anything but clean.

In fact, I'd say we were slightly behind in Game 3. However, we were doing the best of our abilities and communicated with each other as well as we could to make a comeback.

Doyeop "GuGer" Kim managed to steal Baron with Nami's Aqua Prison in Game 3. You must have been pretty happy about that.

We obviously thought Lee Sin would be the one who steals Baron, but we were surprised when we saw Nami's portrait. Today must have been our lucky day.

Hosung "Edge" Lee picked LeBlanc in Game 3. Can you tell us more about that choice?

Edge didn't prepare much for that pick. However, Taliyah turned out to be a bad choice for both teams in Game 1 and 2, so the head coach allowed him to pick a champion that he wanted to play. The rest is history.

We saw you sharing a lot of feedback with Head Coach Minchul "MC" Jang in between games today. It seemed like an improvement compared to before.

I've read some comments about how we weren't doing feedback as well as we should be.
Now, we always do enough feedback to prepare for the next match, and it had a positive effect on our performance.

You've unfortunately been relagated to the promotion tournament. How will you prepare for the tournament?

We'll be taking four days off from today, and that will leave us about one month to prepare for the promotion tournament. We will do our best to prepare for the tournament as soon as we return.

Thank you for your time. Do you have anything else that you want to share?

Although I have some regrets for this split, I'm glad that we ended it in a high note. We'll make sure that we make it out of the promotion tournament and show better performance in the Summer Split. Thank you for rooting for us.

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